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June 2015

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1) Government Spying on us?
2) Google vs Microsoft vs Apple
3) How the Government Spy's on us
4) Web - Site Design - Dynamic Vs. Static
5) Net Neutrality?!? What the?!?



Government Spying on us?

Government Spying on us?

Wow... With all the latest news from the NSA leaker EDWARD SNOWDEN and the NSA surveillance with all the people on the Internet taking sides.... It can get quite confusing out there... I just had a very good conversation with a good friend about the latest happenings and had to correct a few points out to them... It seems that people following the issues are only hearing what they want to here... Go figure... And I'm sure after people read my comments on this there will be 6 different versions out there that people will pick up on...

Before we start though, let me just say I am not for or against government body's spying on their corner of the Internet... I like the comment if you have nothing to hide what's the problem? If you think you are in an area where you are not being spied on by your government then wake up! The NSA just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar... The British government got caught not too log ago doing the same thing... China is always for checking up on its population, Korea don't get me started.... And so on, and so on....

What I am against is the way they are doing it.... Why hide it... They will be found out... Promote it! Call it anything you want to.... Safety to the public or whatever..... If you get the people backing you then everyone can move foreword... Not backwards... It's gonna happen anyways... Lets face it... Who installed the infrastructure in the first place?!? Not google... Not Facebook... Not providers.... They may have setup their piece of the pie but who did they have to go to too get the license and approval to setup?!? And if those people want to monitor the system then they have the right to... I know people will argue with freedom of speech and other rights out there... But who said they could have freedom of speech on the digital media?!? Remember the Internet is world wide but it does go over various parts of the world with different ideas and rules which govern those areas... Do I agree with that logic... No... But it is a fact it's there....

The other end of the coin is to let them do what they want.... There is tons of crypto out there available right now which is impossible to break within set times needed to be useful for all purposes.... If you don't want the powers that be listening to your conversations then invest into some good crypto... Remember you would most likely red flag yourself by doing it... Just remember that.... Do I need crypto... Not right now... maybe in the future?!?

Another thing I Believe is the certain 3 letter agency's don't like getting the black eye now and then... So they try and make examples out there every so often....like I said before, if you got something to hide don't do it... It has the risk of getting loose and causing a black eye in the public eyes... If you don't want people to here about something you tried to cover up then don't do it in the first place.... But some people think they are above the law of society and as long as they don't get caught they think they can do anything!!! When they eventually get caught the first thing they try is blame it on somebody else... Go figure...

Is it right to monitor??? Well let's go from a company's view... They monitor their employes emails and Internet usage while on company's time and equipment... If there is any thing funny going on then it's up to the company to act for the company... Say inside information is leaking out, and it could cost the company lots of money... In this example it's a good idea to monitor... I used to be an CIO for a company that did that... All the problem employees were the first to point out they (the company) have no right to see what they do on their lunch break... But I pointed out to them (the employee) that the computers, network, email and Internet gateway they are using is not theirs and if fact is the company's property that they are allowed to use for the company's business only and not their own.

I'm sure there will always be pros and cons out there for government body's spying on us... Just out of question... Who put them in power?!? And if you don't agree with them... Get them out of power! It is not the power of the people? Some would question that.... I thought the government was put there to help and protect the people with all the resources available to them... Haha... Ya I know... Show me a non corrupt government body today??? What do they say... Absolute power eventually absolutely corrupts???

What about the watchers??? Who is watching them??? When you have a police force out there enforcing the rules of the land, they have people watching them making sure they don't get out of line... And in some cases you have watchers watching the watchers... Since they already have it in place then I think they should have it setup correctly... As in people watching the watchers... And not to have someone get the job based on knowing someone but by qualifications and also a limited time... Say every four years replace with someone else...this way corruption has less chances of happening...

Government spying on us... Who knew? Is is right??? You Decide!!!

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Google Vs Microsoft

Google vs Microsoft vs Apple

Google versus Microsoft versus Apple versus the world versus who made or who has the current Patents that made the first one of whatever....

Who cares?!? I don't... The first cell phone, Internet browser, handheld device, smart phone, whatever... Is already done...

I have a suggestion!!! Forget who made what and make something way better and cheaper so you can pass the savings onto your loyal customers!!! You know, the ones who keep buying your existing crap with the 1-2 improvements... Why not make something that stands out totally from your competition and blow away all your sales of past. Even though the next product is cheaper your sales out way the small profit you are making and the foothill you get across the world will never expire for years to come!

Really... The first thing you find someone makes will never work a hundred percent no matter who you are. Someone will always improve your product to make it better, faster, cheaper and more available to the customers out there so expect that happening... just make something new that will blow your competition and customers away at a price that is fair to you (not Excessive) and Unbelievable to your customers!!!

Worrying about who has what Patents to charge anybody making new technology just takes everybody three steps backwards instead of forwards...

Come on people were not kids anymore, don't act like kids!

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How the Government Spy's on us

How the Government Spy's on us

A few posts ago I mentioned that the Government was spying on us no matter where we lived...  I was asked how did they spy on us?!?

Before we go into details we must explain how the area in question works...


First off, the Internet is devised as networks communicating with one another. If for some reason the information you are looking for or sending to is not on the same network then the protocols established transfer the data over to the gateway. It works the same way at a home hi-speed network (which usually sends and receives all data through the gateway). The home network is connected (via gateway) to your provider's network (cable/xDSL/phone all the same). Your provider is connected to it's provider through it's gateway (most likely a tier 3 or some cases a tier 2). Thus all networks are connected via gateways until you come to the master network ( called a tier 1 network) who's job is to route the data to the correct sub network and work drilling down to the correct sub network.


The scope of this article is not to explain the details of data transfer or routing but the main concept. If you are interested in these concepts there are thousands of books and web pages on the Internet explaining the details of it.

For the sake of this article we note the data to and from the provider is bidirectional (meaning it travels both ways to and from the provider) depending on routing of the data. Say you send an email from your phone. The Data travels to the provider and is routed to the cloud. It can also happen in reverse, say someone sends you an email then the data is routed to your provider until it hits your phone. Note there are much more detail routing details here (like clients, servers, dns, routing, poling, pushing) but we are not going to confuse you now.

Also we must establish an hierarchy of networks. Keep everything related to the master network. Everything farther-away is called down-streaming. Everything that is closer to the master network is called up-streaming. Using that logic, a consumer using a phone is down-stream from the provider.
And the provider is up-stream from the consumer.


Now that we have a concept on how it works, we must now show you how the Government spies on us. To make sure to get all the data as its intended, the Governments place a device that they call a TAP up-stream from the provider. In many cases its in the same building the provider is in. This allows the Government to copy all data sent and received to store onto their secured network storage. Then the "watchers" then go through the data looking for anything they were told to look through... It dawns on a lot of people that the storage needed for such a feat would be too enormous for are's/your's Government to handle... Well think about it... Today's tech is designed to be modular on demand. It just takes money to add storage when needed... And today's Governments seem to have a lot of money to waste today?!? I know the NSA boasts they capture 4 Gb of data a day... You do the math...

Well once they are tapped into the connection up-streamed from the provider then they can now capture all the data needed. Note here that email, normal web browsing, texting, video / audio streaming are not encrypted. If one was to encrypt the data before going to the provider and then decrypt the data after the other provider then the Government or any other multi-letter agency wouldn't have a clue on what was the data was...  Keep in mind like I stated before, if you start encrypting your data to and from points on the Internet the Government will RED FLAG YOU and your RECIPIENT / SENDER for special interests.  The way the internet works to transfer data is based on headers (meta data) which cannot be encrypted.  This is how the Government can track us.

I hope this answers a lot of questions on this topic.  As I said before its not very detailed and does not cover a lot of protocols, but it does cover how they do it.

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Web - Site Design - Dynamic Vs. Static

Web - Site Design - Dynamic Vs. Static

Web Design has been around since the start of the World Wild Web (www). Anyone can design a static web page with all the free and paid tools out there. Even some tools out there give the impression and functionality of a dynamic page.

If you haven't guessed yet Static Web Pages are just that, Static with no interaction what so ever. You can have some wow'ed out animation with web links that users/viewers can click anywhere they need to go. This is argumentative because some people think this is Dynamic Design. An example would be the same information on the web page until the creator edits the page.

Dynamic Web Pages are something completely different. They have a Front End and a Back End. The users/viewers can only see the Front End. If just only viewing is done then they think it is just a fancy Static Page. The truth is the Back End is interfacing with Raw Data in the background to bring to the Front End. A great example would be some kind of Award Show on TV live. You watch live on the TV and through the web page all current activities are being shown with some cases of not having to refresh the web browser.

The Static Web Page is the easiest page to design. The Dynamic Web Page is the most difficult page to design only due to the fact of all the other interfaces needed to be working with all the updated data added. Sometimes in the background you have 1-100+ people working on updating the raw data into 1+ databases and its the job of the web creator to use that data in a dynamic way.

I myself can design both web styles. This sight is a great example. If you have any ideas or questions please contact myself or send some comments below. I will try to answer all questions as best as I can!

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Net Neutrality?!? What the?!?

Net Neutrality?!? What the?!?

Net Neutrality?!? What the?!? Are you one of the millions out there that keep hearing about it but still not know anything about it???

Well guess what, you are Not Alone!!! Luckily there are some people that are out there that can explain it. Sometimes you need what we call a beanie cap on (a smart cap) to understand those people... Sometimes they explain it for the millions out there to understand... And before you ask... No I'm not someone who uses a cap on the head... It's just a term out there in Internet land...

In a nutshell net neutrality is a describing way the global Internet want the ISP's (Internet service provider) to keep the net not biased based on their own services and / or policies...

A great example would be an ISP to charge tier value packages. Say the standard package costs only x amount per month and you get x bandwidth per month (amount of data you can use). If you go over that limit you are on the next tier amount per month... Meaning for the month you pay x + y. The ISPs say if you need it just upgrade your service to handle the increased bandwidth... What happened to unlimited??!

Because of Internet growth within the last say 10+ years... The ISPs put together a network of whatever media they use to satisfy the current user base and what they predicted within 20 years.
The problem is they predicted wrong! And the current network by the ISP couldn't handle the bandwidth of the users of today. Now don't get me wrong... Some ISPs saw this coming and reinvested back into the network to handle the increase of the new user base.

Back to the problem... There is another issue... If the ISP hade a service (say video rental) and the user wanted to use an outside service (maybe Netflix)... The issue is the ISP would purposely slow down the users experience on to give up to use the ISP's service.... Is that fair??? I thought you paid for Bandwidth, Not speed depending on what service you use??? Show me that in the fine print!

Well now you have people out there screaming for net neutrality!!! And the politicians are turning a blind eye... Always toward the people with the cash!!! Hmmm who would that be???

Last time I looked the government of the area in question has the say on what the ISPs can do... Who voted them in??? Your voice should determine what is said!!!

I know, the ISPs are screaming they don't make much profit on the network... Ya right... Show me your books!!! And we'll see!!! Just reinvest into the network and all should be good!!!

If you do a search out there you will find articles, chats, ideas, questionable content, people with no idea, people for and people against... Hey it's the Internet!

What do I think?!? I think the ISPs should take pride and get the best network they can... That will bring customers and not loose them! As far as tier pricing... Bring back the unlimited speed and bandwidth for a set fee per month... Stop trying to make the Internet another cable tv concept with bundling whatever (you know pay x for for basic... If you want y service then pay extra and also get z service you never wanted in the first place)...

I just came across a very funny video showing I think the best view on Net Neutrality.... Click "http://bit.ly/1d4y57C" to view it... I believe it is also on YouTube... But I don't know the link...

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