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We here at BLCOMP are skilled and Trained in many formats with over 25+ Years Experience. We are always looking into new technologies and implementing as needed. For a list of some of our services please check out our Services Area (Below).

If you need any more information, please contact us using one of the ways below.

Services We Offer

Some of the Services we offer below but not limited to:

Engineering Consulting Services

  • Site Assessments
  • Energy Saving
  • Load Shifting
  • Cycling Air Handler Starts
  • Lighting System Saving
  • Power Cycling on High Energy Devices
  • Air Handling Pre Start-ups
  • Building Automation Controls
    • Speciality’s in Andover Controls and Trane Controls
  • Integrating systems with other devices and systems

IT Services

  • WEB Design
  • WEB Hosting
  • Computer Consulting on Systems, Networks & Phones
  • Antivirus Scanning and Virus Removal
  • Network Planning, Installing and Setup
  • Web Development and Deployment, Both Front and Back End Services
  • Database Design, Creating and Setup
  • In-House Training and Support
  • Operating Systems we cover are: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Contact Us

We welcome and value your feedback. Please check our News Area.

For now we have 2 ways of contacting us: by Phone or Web Form.

Phone Numbers

Phone: (416) 840-4491

Web Form

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