Another Black Eye for Facebook

The year is 2018 and Facebook is brought through hearings and all its users want to know who is protecting their info. Well the answer to that is KNOWONE is, I know that’s harsh but the truth is Mark Zuckerberg (the head of Facebook) is more interested in revenue than his users security no matter what he says at the US Hearings.

You say “that’s not true”, but I have proof!!! Quite often when I go through a job site (mostly active commercial, like a mall) I always receive friend requests from friends of the people on the job site; People who I have NO affiliation with whatsoever except by proximity of their friends with the Facebook application (app) not even running on my phone. Now if that isn’t a breach of security I don’t know what is.

The only reason Zuckerberg is talking about the User’s Security is above anything else is because it’s a business and nothing else will calm the millions of users that drive the revenue stream he and others relies on. Another way to say it: “Don’t Rock the Boat and Loose all that Money”.

Zuckerberg needs the 3’rd party people collecting data on users so he can charge them, the only reason it’s become a big problem is this time a3’rd party company got caught collecting the data. Not too long ago there was a Facebook App that turned your pictures into cartoons and everyone flocked to using it not reading the fine print and the terms of use with the collection of user data as well of collecting info on friends of friends, the creator of the app was of all people the C.I.A.  And only when that bit of info was mentioned everyone stopped using the app.

This time it was a company Cambridge Analytica who leaked the Information of 87 million people whose personal information was improperly harvested, I wonder what company will be next and I love the term “improperly harvested”.

So I am not surprised that Facebook has another black eye with more to come in the future. Every time I go into the security or privacy settings I notice they are reset to allow everyone and I must reset them every time, Why is this???  Who is resetting the settings???  How is it resetting??? It seems that Facebook isn’t secure as they proclaim it is… Thank the Almighty I don’t rely on Facebook to do any business….

Just because I use Facebook now (But extremely limited), the future I believe will be different (based on current security handling of Facebook).  You however can make up your own choice.

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