Another Reason Why I Won’t Get an Android or Microsoft Phone


Before I begin just let me note pure Android Phone / Tablets are a great operating system for the needs of people today (these are phone / tablets straight from google not a sub seller like HTC, LG and Samsung to name a few), Without competing company’s selling similar products we would properly pay 3x more for the products of today.

The main operating systems the majority of phones / tablets of today are Apple, Android and Microsoft. There will always be pros and cons to all operating systems now and way into the future, with updates and feature add ons those pros and cons will change from time to time. At the time of this article I find that there are more cons to both products of Android and Microsoft compared to Apple (for my needs) for myself to invest my money in owning a smart phone / tablet of today.

To be fair all the operating systems have pros as well as cons, no one is perfect for everyone buying these products (as they All claim). Depending on ones needs the pros and cons per operating system changes per person and most of the time no two people have the same issues (usually, but there are exceptions to the rules). What I suggest if you are in the market for a new product do some research on all products (not just view their commercials) and be sure to read all the reviews people have left describing their issues / praises of the products in hand.

The main issues I have with the above products are price, storage, power of processing unit, memory consumption and software control. I know I know, who looks at all that… Anyone who has been burned before with an older product, that’s who… The first three issues are straight forward… No one wants to pay more, more storage the better and the more powerful the main chip is the better…. Memory consumption is what is needed to run the products with all the software needed (the more ram / the more you can do). Software Control is the tricky issue, if not checked then problems can happen over and over…

The one thing people have to realize today with smart devices of today is we put our entire lives on these devices (phone numbers, our daily schedules, personal emails, online passwords, personal messages to friends, bank accounts and connections to social networks integrated into the smart devices). If the information leaks out it could hurt us in many ways (identify theft is the most scary as well as bank fraud). Personally I have issues with Microsoft devices (I’ve been burned before), they need too much memory to be practical to use (in most cases, there are exceptions to the rule). To spend extra money to make it work from out of the box and then spend more on software is just too much in today’s market. Android devices are a lot better than Microsoft devices due to the average user doesn’t need to buy extra memory to make it work as advertised, it’s the software control issues I have a problem with. The first problem is the manufactures of the devices add their own software onto the device after the google android OS is set up (becomes a problem when updates are available, not as timely as they say it is). The second problem is no software control for the applications (apps) for the devices. Viruses and Trojans can be hidden in the app stores and your protected information is leaked to anyone who wants it. Company’s say they watch out for it but practical examples in the recent past have proven this statement to be false (only after public attention brings it forward).

For my needs the Apple line of devices (phones / tablets, not computers) are key… Yes the prices seem high, but the hardware is controlled by apple as well as the App Store (the software add-ons). Due to the design of the apple system (thank you Steve jobs) apple can watch the software from the company’s view and no other down the line. This makes it easier to remove problem apps (yes it still happens, but most times before people are burned) as also controlling the operating systems for these devices (no third-party add ons). When I add up the price with the security factors (for my information) I will choose the apple devices over the other companies.

Using android as an example, the company design and makes the operating systems that go out to third-party manufactures with design specifications from google. The manufactures then add-on their own software for their customers experience and sends it out to the shops for sales… This sounds like a great idea until an update comes from google and sits at the manufactures area as they check for software issues with the new updates against their custom software. Usually this takes anywhere from 6 months up to a year (or more) and then the update is available to their customers. Something I forgot to mention is although the OS is secure when it leaves google’s building, once it gets the changes from the manufactures it might not be as secure (it varies from company to company) google doesn’t control it.

Not to praise Apple, they do it differently by updating and checking software updates for issues at their offices (not to third-party offices) before it’s available to their customers (usually takes less than one month). The OS also stays secure because apple is doing it itself.

Also another issue I noticed is the backward compatibility in hardware support. A friend of mine has a smart phone in an android format that is only 2 – 3 generations old, when he went to get a new battery for it he couldn’t find one… The only advice he received was to buy a new phone!!! Apple controls their own hardware as well as software, because of this they still support their older devices (up to 4-5 generations I believe)… It makes it a very easy decision for myself…

Like I said before your issues most likely will be different than me and I’m sure your choices for devices will be different. Just make sure before you spend your money on whatever device is out there you do the best research you can, the last thing you want is to feel burned because the device you spent money on doesn’t do what was advertised in the place you live but it works fine where the head office of the device is.

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