Antivirus Nightmares of Today

What happens when the program you thought was protecting your computer is now allowing viruses to infect all your files? What do you do? What can you do???

img_0999Originally the first type of viruses on the computer systems of Windows machines were more ad-ware or more commonly known as spyware compared to the more damaging infestations and revenue generating virus systems of today. To compensate for the increased complexity of the virus systems through the years antivirus programs have been beefed up as they say to protect the computers there in stalled on. As the antivirus programs get smarter and smarter so do the virus programs, all to become a cat and mouse game.

Unfortunately the current antivirus programs of today have gotten so over incumbent and over coded that they have now become a new platform launching environment for the new viruses of today, thus making them useless for protecting ones computer.

Crypto-Link Randsom Software

Crypto-Link Randsom Software

As an example let’s say a targeted piece of virus is crafted to be analyzed in real time by the antivirus program and when the analyzation is done the antivirus program is now acting as a virus launching platform. This is because the new virus knows how to handle the programming mistakes of the analyzing part of the antivirus software in order to gain control of it and thus open the door for its own Trojan viruses, back doors and root-kits alike.

The poor user has no knowledge this is going on and their computer is now under control of a DDOS network or their computer will soon be encrypting the files for ransoming at a later use.

The only way a standard user of today’s computers on any platform to protect themselves is to first off utilize a non-overworked antivirus platform and second off stop allowing potential viruses getting to their computers (by not going to certain websites or by not opening emails from people they don’t recognize).

This day and age it is sometimes better to use a service to weed out any potential crap emails or websites before it hits your computer and of course this costs money. All in all if you do nothing and use over bloated antivirus programs eventually it will cost you even more money.



Believe it or not on some on my computer systems I still use today are older unsupported operating systems and no antivirus programs, and I still do my banking online. I can because of protecting computers and networks from potential crap websites or emails I no longer have to worry about viruses and ransom software from attacking my computers and I also don’t have to worry about over bloated antivirus programs from slowing down my computers.

When some of the overbloated antivirus programs first came out they were a joy to use because all they did was check for viruses and removed them and nothing more. They weren’t over loaded at the time and they did their job with efficiency, as time rolled on they became very overloaded and slowed down the computer something fierce. It’s a shame because at one time they were good programs but some people think they need to control everything and not fix their programming mistakes, thus the problems we get now.!

I for one will never use a Symantec product again, or anything like Symantec products. Like I said they were good at one time but not now.

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