Apple iPad2 – My Experience

Apple iPad 2

Well I thought I wouldn’t get another iPad, let a lone am iPad 2.

I little background info….

I love my iPad (first gen, wi-fi only). It did all my needs save one…. If I was away from a wireless connection most of the apps would stop working… Not good… One solution was to have a wireless to 3G box near by… Well that lasted shortly… Another box to bring along and worry about power… Didn’t last too long…. Next solution… Get another iPad (1st gen) with 3G option to share with my 3G plan… Simple eh? So I thought… No body has a brand new iPad unless it’s a iPad 2….

Well after pondering a 64gig 3G – $800+ iPad 2…. I bit the bullet and purchased the device…

Ok I thought…. Just use my sim card from my iPhone 3GS when I need to use 3G on the iPad (this was what an apple rep in the store told me I could do)… So when I got the iPad 2 from the store (apple) I declined the free sim card…. (bad mistake).. But the good news was I could get it anytime later…..

Guess what… The sim cards are not compatible…. Arrrghhhhh…. Well back to the apple store and get the correct sim card (iPhone 4 compatible)… By the way, if you are in the same situation as this… Pick up the non-pre paid sim card… Gets a lot of problems out-of-the-way….

Ok we’re almost there… Or so I thought… 3 hrs on the phone with my cell phone provider (and still not working) I still had to go into the rep’s store (r*gers) and fix up all the issues they f*cked up on the phone. Only to hear their servers just crashed and it will be an hour before the connection is made.

6 hrs latter back at the store with still no connection… And yelling at the rep… 1/2 hr later connection was working…. Now sharing with my 3G plan… All systems working.

The iPad 2 is what I expected… Like the iPad 1 with extra cameras and a few extra apps by default… Extra speed and a stable GUI…. I’m happy with my new purchase. Had to set up all my apps again… Arrrgh…. But it’s working…. And now I have 3G when needed….

Soon to come…. iOS 5 upgrade….

The Magement

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  1. Beth McKay says:

    So does this mean that I can have your old iPad now??

  2. fake oakleys says:

    Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the outstanding work!

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