Apple the Best, Apple the worst?

What the Fu@k???

Everywhere I look on the web these days are articles about what Apple did or didn’t do…. Well I guess that goes with the flow of the iPhone 5….

It amazes me that people are complaining about the new apple maps and praising google maps…
At the same time they are patting apple on their back for all the other features….

Well I guess those people are showing their ignorance at everything they say… Yes that’s right!

Do they remember when google maps came out? All the errors were well documented… And google took a lot of crap to get it right…. And after how many years of correcting the mistakes that people pointed out we can only now start to rely on those maps… In the beginning it was a joke of the week… Roads going nowhere and more mistakes after mistakes making it a very bad joke with no reliance what so ever… Hmmmm…. Sounds like apple maps hmmmm?

Another thing people are not revering to was the flyby feature on apple maps… Have you tried to follow a road in google maps 3G (or less)…. Personally I love the street view on google maps to look around only when I need to educate myself with my destination… It’s very useful… And very helpful…

I’m sure that after apple fixes all their mistakes with the databases then we will see a more robust reliable map app to be used by all (with iOS 6)…. For the meantime it would be helpfully to also use google maps in the interim….

I myself have a few devices I can get by with for now… But I know the beta map apps in iOS 6 will eventually be what we need in the soon future..

By the way… Is the new feature “fly over” in real time on iOS 6??? I think it is…. Maybe if google got their act straight this would be an mute point…. maybe google will still get their act straight??? Time will tell….

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