Bitstrips Very Popular, Very Fast. Why?!?


Well it seems that this thing called Bitstrips came out of nowhere and everyone seems to be using it. Did they check around the history of this company before accepting it blindly and giving away all security info to who ever the company is?!?

If you don’t know yet Bitstrips is another Facebook Plugin people are using to give themselves a cartoon look on their Facebook postings. I always thought it was odd that it’s popularity took off way too fast.

It seems I was right, at least from the Security leak files…. According to the leaked files, Bitstrips is another NSA Trojan designed to get one’s contact and personal info to the Federal SPY Agency’s (you know, the GOOD GUYS)…


The company is called Bitstrips Inc. and like I said before the Security Leak Files and Snowden say this is an NSA front.

If they weren’t spying enough on us already… It seems that the owner of the Facebook account has to agree to the usage of the plugin (on Facebook) which now makes it legal for the spy’s to spy on us. Isn’t that nice of them?!?

I think there are more that the fair share of apps out there to draw oneself in to a cartoon rep and not to give the spy’s an edge… Your call and your privacy!!!

I for one WILL NOT USE THIS PLUGIN / APP. I like my privacy!

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