BLCOMP and New Anti SPAM Laws


With the New ANTI-SPAM CRTC Laws in Canada (And Soon to be Everywhere Else) govern what is said to be FULL disclosure and Opt-In to any Adds from any Web Site. Opt-In is another way of saying the person who is receiving the unwanted email (SPAM) wants it and has requested it, otherwise they can be removed from the mailing list and not receive any more Unwanted Correspondence (also known as SPAM).

The only Correspondence sent out from BLCOMP is our monthly News Letter covering the latest top 5-6 articles and any other worth while news BLCOMP thinks its readers should be aware of. BLCOMP does not send any Ads of itself or any of its affiliates to its Newsletter Subscriptions and always allows the person to unsubscribe to the newsletter at anytime by a web link at the bottom of each newsletter.

We Here at BLCOMP feel very strong that Advertising is Needed on some sites that need revenue but here at BLCOMP No Ads are needed to be viewed on our site or to be sent out via our newsletter. If you view our site and see any ads or view our newsletter and see any ads please check you browser settings for Spy-were or Ad-were. There Should be NO Ads on BLCOMP at all.

All ready the CRTC have received more than 1,000 complaints from people about the issue on SPAM and the Fines I believe are up to $10 Million per Violation. We here at BLCOMP have checked that we are in accordance of the ANTI-SPAM law and are thankful such laws have finally been made with some backing into it. We hope this will slow down (and hopefully stop) the current spammers cluttering the Internet email systems and we move forward for a better web experiences.

For further information about the ANTI-SPAM laws in Canada please check-out

The Management

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