Camera Install – IT – Case Study


  • Site to Monitor is a good size oddly shaped multi units.
  • Placement of Cameras: coverage for parking lots, inside the buildings and outside.
  • Only one systems administrator with limited abilities, will need remote connections.
  • Would like to record and send notifications via email or sms.
  • Wants good quality footage with the ability to expand.
  • Doesn’t need to use a system that will go out of date/support within the year.
  • Time is a factor, vandalizing on site is increasing.
  • System must be affordable.

On-Site Inspection

  • No existing network to connect dictated camera system to.
  • Company wants to administrate from one location with the ability to move if needed.
  • Company wants secured digital cameras with 1 year history or more.
  • Company’s existing network hasn’t enough bandwidth to Handel new system.
  • Company wants to keep new network system (wired only) dictated to their current needs.
  • From 3 main areas on the property, they want to start with 20-25 cameras with the ability to expand as needed, or replace as needed with no threat of no support.
  • Needs to have new network engendered with wired/wireless all secured.
  • Company also has three (3) areas then want live video they can tie into with their current video system. (NTSC Video or HTMI, HTMI preferred).
  • No audio is needed and night vision is a must.
  • Also all cameras will have no PTZ functions (to keep cost down).


  • No existing system will meet the requirements needed.
  • Needed to create an off the wall system that meet all the requirements that would be supported for at least 10-20 years.
  • Engineered a system that would start from 1 camera expandable to 240 cameras per recording system. Each recording system with full cameras (240) can recorded up to 2 years of history, less cameras then more history. Each recording system can tie into a remote monitoring system that can be remotely controlled from a secured browser connected to the Internet.
  • Every camera is connect via secure wireless with a small ups battery (allowing up to 12 hrs of power fully charged) and can be set for sensitivity of recording with blackout areas (high traffic areas not needed to be recorded).
  • Each camera can be toggled to send email notifications (sms is too costly to maintain) governed by one list per recording system.
  • Updated software (custom programmed) will include a schedule recording if needed.
  • Cost per camera (assembled by system administrator) is aprox $250.00 including power supply and case (fan and heater). Avg 20-25 per area x3.
  • As per suggestion from company, some cameras were installed in fake cases.
    Cost per recording system is aprox $350.00 and only 3 is needed.
  • The only extra cost is installing and configuring a dedicated network for three areas.


  • After approval from customer, purchased 73 active and 10 backup cameras with 3 active recording systems and 1 backup recording backup.
  • Instructed the system administrator in how to assemble systems and install/customize the custom software per camera. Setup all email lists for notifications and also instructed the system administrator in how to maintain email lists.
  • Setup all three areas to have an active HTMI connector for their existing video system.
  • Also installed and setup a custom UI based on iOS and android to easily configure active cameras.
  • Customer doesn’t need e upgrade for scheduling but was interested in a 4 year service contract.
  • System had to be de-sensitize to trim down the number of recordings/emails. The cameras were too good and picked up on changes of light.
  • Customer is happy and wants to add more cameras on some residential sites.
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