Cloud Security, How Safe is it?


Before you store any secure information into the cloud check the Security List below and make sure all information will be secure. The last thing you want is to lose control of all of your data. Cloud storage is the best thing in a long time… It is Very handy to reach your information at any time anywhere, the last thing you want is for anyone else to have access to your files any where at any time.

With the cost of online storage becoming so cheap now (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and soon to be Apple) it is becoming more and more attractive to add to ones storage needs. With all the competition out there the users are getting more and more options at lower prices to allow us to have more secure online storage.

When looking at the Security List for Online Cloud Storage here are some questions to look at:

  • Does the service support 3rd party encryption?
    • No 3rd party encryption tells us the service can be decrypted by the service (in most cases without your consent).
  • Does the service allow more encryption?
    • If you don’t control the encryption keys of this service then maybe add more security that you do control and the service has no clue about.
  • Does the service support all of your devices with the same security needed?
    • Having a device you use that doesn’t support the security you are using on the service and other devices tends us not to use encryption at all.
  • When the security in enabled on the service is the service too slow?
    • If it is too slow then it’s an inconvenience and not so great to use, again too slow and we tend not to use the security in place for speed.
  • Can you change the security keys at will?
    • Like passwords on the Internet security keys must be changed.
  • Does the security keys support true security lengths?
    • Poor length security keys are useless in today’s age of the Internet. Like a password that is only 6 charters (usually all letters) it can be hacked by a simple dictionary attack and then be taken over.

Although there are only 6 items listed, they are the first 6 issues I would check for first. Do not be foolish, there are more questions to ask… But we must start somewhere first. Most people trust the service only and hope for the best when security is concerned, they are the first people to scream they lost their data.

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