Company Move – IT – Case Study


  • Environment: Fair Sized Company
  • Has three business units close by to each other and wants to move to a bigger unit.
  • Time is a factor, one weekend to perform the move.
  • Multiple departments with multiple requirements.

On-Site Inspection

  • New site not designed yet.
  • Company leaving it up to department heads to design new network.
  • No confirmation regarding external combination at destination location.
  • Company was using ADSL at old site, not available at new site.
  • Phone Ext at new site not setup yet.
  • Confirmed only have one long weekend to move entire system.
  • Server room not designed at new site.


  • Worked with department heads to setup requirements of new site network and phones.
  • Designed server room with all support hardware with backbone systems.
  • Setup T1 at new location (only thing available)
  • Until T1 up and running, use of dial up only action available.
  • Tested database system and repaired any problem areas needed before move.
  • Setup new server for new location.
  • Transferred over database with all updates necessary.
  • Oversaw all updated changes before move.
  • Tested and confirmed all changes with backbone.
  • Moved entire network with updated systems to new site in one weekend.


  • System was setup and tested at new site with some very small issues.
  • Move was successful within the one weekend.
  • After T1 was installed the Company now was setup complete.
  • Company was now able to function and improve on most areas.
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