Cooling Plant – Hvac – Case Study


  • Environment: Commercial
  • Pumps always dead heading causing multiple replacements on pumps.
  • Multiple chillers and huge ice bank not enough to cool down building.
  • Customer wants to review and modify current Sequence of operations to improve and make more efficient.
  • Customer informs us Current programming always locking up And is needed to be reviewed.

On-Site Inspection

  • Current programming is not sequencing thus locking up all water flow and dead heading all pumps.
  • Programming is written back in Days where there was no memory in the controllers, Needs to be updated.
  • Sequence of operation needs to be updated to handle multiple chillers with the icepack to maintain the building set point temperature.
  • Current programming needs be updated to today’s standards.
  • The graphics interface also needs to be updated to handle all the current hardware in place.


  • Invoked a temporary programming sequence to handle all pump dead heading for customer to use the chiller plant as needed until final fixes are in place.
  • Worked with engineer to establish a correct sequence of operations for the entire chiller plant.
  • Enabled new sequence with bulletproof programming to follow customer’s set points and scheduling with all hardware in the cooling plant in the correct order.
  • All existing programming was brought up to today’s standards.


  • After many years of the old system in place, this year was the first time the customer’s employees referred to the place of being too cold (every year it was too hot in the summer).
  • The energy savings is still being calculated but via trending logs compared to before and after it looks like it will be a big savings.
  • With the less trending of the same devices in the cooling plant, everything is being sequenced by the new sequence of operations while keeping the customers live set points in check.
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