Covid19 and How We Are Mishandling It


Before I poke holes into all events around Covid19, let me just say I feel very sorry for all the individuals who have contracted this terrible disease.  Moving on I must say the Government, officials Handling Covid19 and any caseworkers issuing any orders out there… PLEASE STOP EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!!!  Your hearts are in the right place but you would think SARS would teach us a thing or two….

Currently anyone infected with this can move freely about and infect more, regardless of current policy’s in place…. wow…. who is enforcing these policy’s? Nobody that’s who… I myself was involved with a workplace scare recently… an employee showed up and claiming they were infected with the virus…. WTF… a lot of questions go through one’s mind… like WTF were they doing in the office? Especially with the new sick policy’s in effect!!! Basically stay home if you feel sick!!! Sound simple right?  Well that sent the office into lockdown, the fool of an employee was sent right to testing and everyone in the office was sent home for self isolation… Loads of lost work and inconvenience (because of foolishness)… the good news was they were not infected… but still that could of been avoided…

Right now we as a population are being treated like criminals due to some people not staying home.  I say treat THEM (the infected) like criminals because they cannot stay isolated on their own.  One easy way is to put ankle tracking on infected individuals… if you act fast in the beginning there would be very few to isolate and track.  If they violate their isolation you would know right away and take steps to fix that problem.  By doing steps this way the pandemic would not happen, places would stay open, businesses would not go under, no need for bars to close, consumers would still earn income and spend as needed, no hoarding necessary, in other words we (The uninflected) would not be treated like criminals!!!  Also testing at all port-of-calls (airports, shipping, boarder crossings) from day one would also stop further spreading, not waiting until it was a pandemic… common-sense would say we have the resources in place right now but failed to act in time!!!

I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m not a criminal and I’m getting sick and tired being treated like a criminal because some people like to infect others.  Good example was the interview they showed of a couple on a Cruise ship that left port of call after the pandemic was announced.  The couple clearly announced they were not sorry and were sure their government would make it happen they would get back ok, wtf… excuse me?  Of course the ship had to be isolated due to infected people on board, and no word of that couple who gave the interview… you would think they would stay home before the cruise and get compensation for another cruise… but no they chosen another deadly path to keep the virus spreading…. when that couple finally get back home I say get the leg trackers out, but that’s me…. it seems their attitude they show is we don’t care….. remember before they embarked onto the cruise ship there was another cruise ship in quarantine already, but it wouldn’t happen to them…

Before you judge my attitude on this debacle, remember your government (federal, provincial/state, municipal) have already formed a snitch phone line… so you have neighbours calling on neighbours and treating them like criminals… I’d like to think if they follow my way; we as a population would be treating our fellow people with more respect and kindness, not looking at them with destain if they get too close at the grocery store…

Whatever the problem… moving forward how to we stop the spreading of the virus and get back to the way things were?  We survived SARS, we survived the plaque (Ya I know… not that again), we can survive this…. we just have to smart about it, not acting like idiots!!!

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