Cutoff Switches in Portable Devices


I thought of this idea and isn’t it already being used?

All the apple products seem to have it, and through the apple service you can remotely lock and erase the device as well as send it text messages.
Of course this only happens when the device in question is still using the same sim chip connected with the same accounts on the Internet. But what happens when the person who stole the device replaces the sim Chip with another and resets the device in question???

Now The service cannot see the device and the new owner can jailbreak (a term of reloading a new operating system to add their own apps) the device so they don’t need to talk to the apple servers at all.

The idea itself is a good one if the correct owner acts quick. But as in the example above it shows if the correct owner is too slow the action of cutting off the device is useless. The same would be with the kill switch.

When is it too late to act??? If you are too quick and kill the device only to find it again forgetting you left it somewhere, you now have a very expensive brick.

The old saying: “Your Damed if you do and Damed if you don’t” would apply here.

And the question of what is stopping the hackers from cutting off your device when you least expect it??? And why???

Right now they (the politicians) are talking about what a great idea this would be (the kill switch)… What they are not talking about is how it would be done and who would control it… No standards at all… Most likely the policy makers will leave it up to the manufactures to decide what would be done and we (the customers) will be stuck with too many standards on how it will be done, in doing it this way we will never get it done. What they should do is hire a consultant tech group to set the standard before the policy is drafted up and then it could be enforced the correct way. Not we will dream it up and they will solve it later crap.

Like I said, it’s a great idea. Just make sure it’s done correctly and enforced in the correct way.

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