DNS Servers – Embedded SOC

Embedded Systems on Chips (SoC) have been around now for a few years… And it lets us in enters do amazing things today that 10 years ago seemed like impossible.

An example of such devices would be the Arduino or Raspberry PI systems.
Because of the SoC, the support chips are less and less as the generations grow.

Using the Raspberry Pi Boards, we here at BLCOMP will setup a remote system with DNS Servers connected to the World Wide Web (WWW) connected to sub nets hosting a few servers with a few workstations. By using the PI’s we will cut power costs and curb down time as well as always having to do untimely updates with other systems.

20130809-215219.jpg 20130809-215305.jpg
Arduino Uno – R3 Raspberry PI – Model B


We could use all different types of SoC boards out there, but we here like the Pi board. It seems to offer a lot without adding cost to it, like some other boards out there. Also the Pi board is hot right now and getting parts (if needed) for it is a lot easier than others. The documentation seems to be the same out there… 3rd party only seems to be key.

Again just to note: This project can be done Many ways with Many SoC boards. We just selected the Raspberry Pi SoC board due to the nature of the project.

We will be updating this project as it progresses…

The It Project Group @ Blcomp.

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0 Responses to DNS Servers – Embedded SOC

  1. MikeB says:

    Wow… I can go into any parts store (any where on this earth it seems) and buy a raspberry Pi model B board or any of its components in stock. Can’t say that for any other board… Usual BS we here is its on a waiting list… It will be x number of weeks to be in stock! Arrgh… Again we like the Raspberry Pi system!!!

  2. MikeB says:

    Change of Plan, instead of using two Raspberry Pi Boards as planed… we will be using one board with IP Aliasing engaged to operate as Primary and Secondary Servers. This will keep costs down and make installation even easer…

  3. MikeB says:

    Wow… I love the Pi…. It’s a one stop shop… Everything already onboard that is needed… All you have to add is software if not already installed… And it’s free add-ons…. Just think… An OS on a board fully web compatible with all the support an OS gives…. All at server level…. Wow!!!

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