Edward Snowden – Madman or Prophet


Computerworld – Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) data collection practices have eroded the public’s trust in major technology companies — and in the Internet, a Harris Interactive survey found.

Some people think he betrayed his government, Some people believe he is a hero of the People and the teller of the hidden secrets of the NSA. Of course the NSA wants him missing forever with no contact with the human race. We here salute him for his actions but not his methods. There is always another way of doing things… Government People somehow think they are above the laws… Well they are not!!! They have to answer to the people like everyone else (screw the national defense). They face off lie to the courts (they never collect information secretly behind everyone’s backs?!?), and when they get caught do they say anything?!? No, they hope anymore secrets don’t get out and make them look like more and more like idiots… But remember it’s not only the NSA, other countries have the same problem (England, Canada and many others) not just the USA…

But this article is not about the NSA getting many many black eyes… It’s about a former whistle-blower who used to work for them (Edward Snowden). Like it was mentioned before there are many ways to accomplish an action, the right way and the wrong way with many ways in between. Nobody likes a whistle-blower, and many people don’t like to be spied on for whatever reasons. Just think if Snowden didn’t release the documents about the NSA then we would be sitting here now and the NSA would still be denying anything going on behind our backs.

Stephen Cobb, a senior security researcher at security vendor Eset (which commissioned the Harris Interactive survey) comments:

“People clearly are thinking more about the relationship between privacy and security. What the Snowden revelations have done is to surface the unresolved tension over this issue,” he said. “People would like, on the one hand, to think the surveillance is necessary. But there is push back against unnecessary surveillance.”

Unnecessary surveillance… Now that’s an interesting claim… Does it make Snowden a traitor to the system?!? Defiantly adding Tension to the problem… But a traitor?!? One of the items that Snowden released was they (the NSA) have a room (in the USA) that collects all the data (Internet browsing, emails, cell phone calls, text messaging, ect) from the people in the USA (necessary or unnecessary) and watch it (according to the NSA they watch for criminal activity), but what was not revealed was who watches the watchers?!?

Why we bring this up is in real world there are agencies (like the local police force) who enforce the laws to the people. These laws are governed by an elected body and approved or rejected with many amendments. When the agencies have a run-in with any complications then another agency steps in to check, enforce or investigate the issue at hand. Hence we have a term: “The Watchers watching the Watchers”. In our example the enforcers would be the local police and the watchers would be the SIU (Special Investigations Unit). Like I mentioned before is who watches the NSA and their cataloging of the data captured?!? Do we trust them to keep our secrets?!? And most important… Where is the line they cannot cross?!?

We here salute Edward Snowden for his actions, just not his ways.

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