Ender’s Game (The Movie) and Boycotting the Movie

Normally I don’t take political stands or listen to people who do….

But something about the people who are boycotting the movie Ender’s Game because of some political statements the author said are just idiots in my thoughts… Before you go saying about me… Just remember we all have the right to say what we want to…. If some people think the author of the movie is an idiot because of what he says… So be it… That’s their thoughts… To boycott a movie because of the Book’s Author Political thoughts make them in my thoughts idiots!!!

If you don’t like the book or the movie plot then boycott the movie… That’s your choice… Like I said before, if you boycott the movie because of someone’s political ideas your an idiot! One has nothing to do with the other.

The movie doesn’t reflect the author’s political thoughts… It’s a story of a plot in the future in an environment based on the book the author wrote more than 25 years ago. In my views of the book I think the author wrote some of his best work… The story line is amazing… What ever the author’s political views are… I don’t care, there his views… I will see the movie because I loved the book…. From what I have seen of the previews, the movie looks like it got it right!!! And two great actors staring in it!!! It looks like they (makers of the movie) went all out… Looks like amazing acting and special effects are top rate… Like I said, I am going to see the movie. I don’t care what the political views of the author are… There his and not mine… If I see or don’t see the movie doesn’t reflect of the author’s views whatsoever…

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