Fear Ransom-wear’s CryptoLocker No More

DontFearCryptoCryptoLocker’s Hold on Ransom-were has made people and companies alike pay way too much for the ransoms that have caused virus to be infected on computers these days. So many have had to pay out because their computers and most important their data was encrypted the held for ransom.

If you haven’t heard of CryptoLocker yet, be very glad. It is one of the latest viruses going around the internet people are being infected with. When they get their computers infected the virus enforces a private encryption key with its public key and using the private key encrypts all the data the computer can see (including network attached storage – NAS). When the encryption is done the virus then sends any copy of the private key to a hidden server onto the internet and then locks the computer with a nice display saying this computer is now locked, shows the public key and then lets the user know they have so many hrs / days to pay the ransom to free the data. Payment is usually done via bit-coin, or some other non traceable internet payment system. Nice you say??? Since the Master Private Key is not on the computer the user has no choice but to pay the ransom or rick losing the data. In version One of CryptoLocker that was it, After the timeout the user lost all data. In Version Two of CryptoLocker after the timeout the user had another chance to get the data back but at a cost of 4 – 5 times as much.

Well Fear CryptoLocker No More!!!! There is a bunch of White Hat Hackers out their who have found the hidden sites, and at no charge they will send you the master-key to Decrypt your computer and files and then remove the virus. This site address is at decryptcryptolocker.com, and you know someone who is infected with this ransom virus I suggest you send them this link before they Pay the Ransom or Reset their computer.

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