First Rentable Bikes, then Rentable Cars, Now Rentable Parking Spots


We saw them in the big city’s… The rentable bikes almost on each corner and thought what a great idea, until the first rainstorm… Then the prices went up with the city saying costs were on the rise… Only to later find out that the city was gearing up for rentable cars in the downtown core… Well forget the rain now, now all you need is a credit card or a special debit card from the city and away you go… Another great idea people think until they see their credit card bills… And then think: “what was i thinking???”

When a city gets to be a certain size and keeps on growing, with the downtown core expanding and expanding, it only makes sense to use rentable devices to get around the downtown core. Some people even go as far as using portable urban transports (like Segway, or electric bikes). But what do you do if you live out of the big city and commute to the downtown core??? That’s an easy answer… Pay through the nose at parking!

Now there are services available to everyone (through the web via apps) to allow the use of rentable parking spots… Yes you read it right… People who have downtown parking spots (treated like gold) and are not using them are now renting them out. To the trans-commuter who usually pays a fortune in parking bills thinks this is a great idea… It decently costs less than using commercial parking lots, and the local guy (not some guy who doesn’t really need it) earns a little profit… Well that’s the sales pitch….

Is this a good idea??? One of the disclaimers you read is: “all contents in the car if stolen is not the responsibility of the owner of the parking spot, take the contents with you”… But that is also what the big commercial parking lots say as well… Normally the commercial parking lots are all over the downtown core and are very easy to find, the rentable parking spots only pop up as they come available… And not always where you want them… The problem I have with the commercial parking lots is when you need them they are always full, with the rental spots you already know they are available right when you need them (hopefully in the area you need them be).

The other side of the coin is the property owners… If they assign parking spots to Tenants there is usually an agreement stating not to sublet the parking spot. The property owners always want to know if you don’t need the spot then give it up for someone else who needs it. If you own the parking spot and decide to rent it out then that’s your business… But if it’s not you spot and you are subletting it to earn some income then there could be legal issues at some point, so be careful. The last thing the commuter wants to happen is have his car towed because it was not the registered car for the parking spot (and after paying the renters payment).

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