Floating Tsunami-Proof Nuclear Disasters Waiting to Happen?!?


MIT has done it again… In the wake of the Japan Tsunami Nuclear Disaster (which was a great design, so close to the water’s edge) the boys at MIT thought through ways of making Nuclear Power more safe in a land of Tsunami and Earth Quakes. They came up with a very good idea , to float the nuclear reactor and moor it in deep water several miles off the coast and forgo any natural disasters that would cripple the plant. Unlike the poor designs of the Fukushima plants, there would be no parts to wash away during a tsunami. As far as the description was laid out all the parts would be covered over and enclosed away from exposure.

With a good placement in deep water, tsunami waves aren’t large enough to cause significant damage, and earthquakes are usually only felt if you’re standing on the earth. Floating the reactor on the ocean also gives the plant access to easy, passive cooling and if done right one would never need to dump the radio-active waste any time due to meltdowns.

There always pro’s and con’s in any new ideas. One problem could be an idea of in an emergency that sees the plant venting radioactive gasses into the ocean, not into the air. This would cause more issues to the wild life in the area (hopefully no more Godzilla movies) and like it was mentioned earlier there should be no reason for it.

Right now it’s just an idea and the idea can be developed further. This concept could give us with safer, more manageable nuclear power in the future. With the growing demands for more and more power consumption we need to bring safer power solutions to the world at large. Having a fool use the loaded gun pointing at himself should not translate to nuclear reactor power solutions for the population.

Some people still believe that nuclear power is still the wrong way (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima) and fusion (not fission) is the answer, maybe so but now there is no fusion plants able to give power for the people. Nuclear power plants provided 12.3 percent of the world’s electricity production in 2012. You cannot just turn off those plants and replace them with clean power (wind/sun/water) and hope for the best. The current demands on the power grid with population expansion is steadily on the rise. Until clean cold fusion is up and working, we have no choice but to use more and more nuclear power to help the power the needs. Yes we can help the power grid with current clean power ideas (wind/sun/water) but they do not supply the power demand we will need. At least people like MIT are trying to help the use of nuclear power… And hopefully still trying to break the cold fusion barrier.

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