Free Wi-Fi in Subways and in Big Cities


What a concept, free wi-fi for the masses… Well it’s not a dream, in some places it’s a reality! I speak in favor of the New York subway system, just last year they invoked cell phone usage in all their subways and now adding free wi-fi while waiting for the trains. Very soon they will have free wi-fi and cell phone usage in the trains, now that would be nice.

As for the big city’s having free wi-fi, why not? With today’s technology level it is more than available and sustainable. With all the coffee shops now adding free wi-fi for all their customers knowing it would get more people into their shops, the first thing they noticed was the rise of revenues due to the home page the customers were greeted to upon joining the network.

With the revenue cities could get via local business’s advertising on the home startup page and sponsoring toward the network they could see a big increase on sales and web migration to the local companies most people didn’t even know they existed. How many people look up a company for the hell of it now? Unless they need it and what they are looking for is not in the big box stores people really know who else is around. As well as the local companies could use the local advertising (at a discounted rate I’m sure) instead of paying big bucks in the advertising market.

They say “Build it and they Will Come”, and by statistics it holds true. It benefits the local companies, the local advertising and most important the local consumers not having to over extend their cell data plans. Using statistics for the subways in New York it is noted by the end of one year over 500 million users will use the free wi-fi while waiting for their train. And by connecting to the free wi-fi and seeing the start page good for the local area / subway stop they might see something available nearby they normally would not now about. This causes more revenues to be generated!

New York City has proven it for their subways, maybe the downtown core in the future??? Who knows??? I think Dallas was working on something for the downtown core. It shows at least city elected people are finally getting it, the people want it and they need it. The bigger the city infrastructure is the better chances a free wi-fi system could happen. Big campuses for schools, some subways systems, some downtown cores, airports and some condos / gated communities are doing it so why not everywhere there is city infrastructure???

Just my thought on it, with a strong I.T. background I now it can be done!

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