Free Wi-Fi on Planes – Good, Bad or Ugly


Your on a flight relaxing, watching the inflight movie with about 2-3 hrs until landing and you forgot to notify someone about something Very Important that cannot wait 2-3 hours until landing…. What do you do?!? Well prior to 2014 you only had 2 choices:
– do nothing and prey 2-3 hrs will go by really fast….
– use the inflight phones and really ding your credit while making the phone call needed before you land.

Well 2014 and after you have another choice: free wi-fi in the plane
That means you can text message or send an email to the other party. If you are really lucky you can use wi-fi to VoIP a call to the other party. I’ll explain that later….

Wow free wi-fi 30 thousand feet in the sky… Is that really necessary?!? Some say that the airplane is the last place one can really get away from it all… Now you can be bugged or bug someone else from the airplane…

But don’t expect to watch a Netflix movie in the sky yet… Although wi-fi is available its bandwidth is really small… It’s Ok for text messages, or emails with very low graphics and like I said before if your lucky then a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) with very low quality (most lucky dropping in and out).

Some airlines, like Virgin America, JetBlue, and Delta have embraced in-flight Wi-Fi as a marketing feature, acknowledging that the ability to get things done is just as important as leather seats or personal entertainment systems. Other airlines still have to get up to speed while notifying the press they are working on it will soon have wi-fi in their planes.

People say the airlines should keep it out of the airplane so one can relax and enjoy the flight as much as possible (like the tighter seating arrangements, or the crying kid a few seats away or the great food served in the plane). I know if I had wi-fi available when I fly then I could get the last-minute details done while inflight, not have to worry about getting to the destination and setting up everything after arriving on the hotel network before getting the last-minute details done.

Is it a cost or time savings??? Or just an inconvenience of not relaxing while in flight??? I know it’s gonna be different for everyone out there…

Remember now the wi-fi in the airplanes is at the first generation level only. Let me know about any other first generation devices out there that were the greatest thing… Maybe after a few generations the wi-fi will be unlimited full speed T1 lines available to every customer in flight… Wouldn’t that be nice?!?

Only you can answer the above question: “Free WI-Fi on Planes – Good, Bad or Ugly?!?”. I think it’s a great idea that needs more improvements to become the next standard of inflight entertainment.

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