Google Glass Coming Soon to a Police Car Near You


Depending on your local police budget, your local police soon could have another arsenal in their attempt to crush crime. Currently some police forces are trying out Google Glass with a few new apps.

One such app would detect stolen cars (or cars on the watched list) all by license plate photo. Just point the glasses at the target car and the app will take a photo and digitize it to a recognized format it understands and compares it against a live database. If it recognizes the car as a car of interest the app will then notify the user to take caution and suggest what is needed to be done, this of course takes only micro seconds per car and be updated on the fly. Great news if your car has been stolen, bad news if you’re the thief.

Another app that is being tested is to capture and upload photos of traffic violators. When a traffic violator is spotted by the officer wearing the google glass the officer then speaks a certain command (or presses the side button on the glasses) and then states the offense, the glass then takes a picture with the offending category to store into the shared database for future retrieval.

I don’t know about you (the reader) but this scares the s@it out of me. It’s bad enough that the officers now all have cameras in their cars for their protection, let alone the online computers that connect to every database known to man. I remember the day if you got caught on a speeding offense and fought it in court only to find out the arresting officer couldn’t make it to court… Those days are long since gone… Nowadays all the officers arrests are all lined up via electronic schedules so no one gets off on a technicality.

True Google Glass is just another technical tool, and if used correctly it will cut car thief (as well as many other crimes: dwi, no insurance, no driving license, ect. ). It could have privacy concerns that were up until now at the officers opinion… Like all new technology, it has many pros and cons we have to weigh. Maybe if it could reduce all the accidents and help to eliminate all the crime then maybe it would be welcomed into the police force.

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