Google Vs Microsoft

Google versus Microsoft versus Apple versus the world versus who made or who has the current Patents that made the first one of whatever….

Who cares?!? I don’t… The first cell phone, Internet browser, handheld device, smart phone, whatever… Is already done…

I have a suggestion!!! Forget who made what and make something way better and cheaper so you can pass the savings onto your loyal customers!!! You know, the ones who keep buying your existing crap with the 1-2 improvements… Why not make something that stands out totally from your competition and blow away all your sales of past. Even though the next product is cheaper your sales out way the small profit you are making and the foothill you get across the world will never expire for years to come!

Really… The first thing you find someone makes will never work a hundred percent no matter who you are. Someone will always improve your product to make it better, faster, cheaper and more available to the customers out there so expect that happening… just make something new that will blow your competition and customers away at a price that is fair to you (not Excessive) and Unbelievable to your customers!!!

Worrying about who has what Patents to charge anybody making new technology just takes everybody three steps backwards instead of forwards…

Come on people were not kids anymore, don’t act like kids!

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