Government Spying on us?

Wow… With all the latest news from the NSA leaker EDWARD SNOWDEN and the NSA surveillance with all the people on the Internet taking sides…. It can get quite confusing out there… I just had a very good conversation with a good friend about the latest happenings and had to correct a few points out to them… It seems that people following the issues are only hearing what they want to here… Go figure… And I’m sure after people read my comments on this there will be 6 different versions out there that people will pick up on…

Before we start though, let me just say I am not for or against government body’s spying on their corner of the Internet… I like the comment if you have nothing to hide what’s the problem? If you think you are in an area where you are not being spied on by your government then wake up! The NSA just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar… The British government got caught not too log ago doing the same thing… China is always for checking up on its population, Korea don’t get me started…. And so on, and so on….

What I am against is the way they are doing it…. Why hide it… They will be found out… Promote it! Call it anything you want to…. Safety to the public or whatever….. If you get the people backing you then everyone can move foreword… Not backwards… It’s gonna happen anyways… Lets face it… Who installed the infrastructure in the first place?!? Not google… Not Facebook… Not providers…. They may have setup their piece of the pie but who did they have to go to too get the license and approval to setup?!? And if those people want to monitor the system then they have the right to… I know people will argue with freedom of speech and other rights out there… But who said they could have freedom of speech on the digital media?!? Remember the Internet is world wide but it does go over various parts of the world with different ideas and rules which govern those areas… Do I agree with that logic… No… But it is a fact it’s there….

The other end of the coin is to let them do what they want…. There is tons of crypto out there available right now which is impossible to break within set times needed to be useful for all purposes…. If you don’t want the powers that be listening to your conversations then invest into some good crypto… Remember you would most likely red flag yourself by doing it… Just remember that…. Do I need crypto… Not right now… maybe in the future?!?

Another thing I Believe is the certain 3 letter agency’s don’t like getting the black eye now and then… So they try and make examples out there every so often….like I said before, if you got something to hide don’t do it… It has the risk of getting loose and causing a black eye in the public eyes… If you don’t want people to here about something you tried to cover up then don’t do it in the first place…. But some people think they are above the law of society and as long as they don’t get caught they think they can do anything!!! When they eventually get caught the first thing they try is blame it on somebody else… Go figure…

Is it right to monitor??? Well let’s go from a company’s view… They monitor their employes emails and Internet usage while on company’s time and equipment… If there is any thing funny going on then it’s up to the company to act for the company… Say inside information is leaking out, and it could cost the company lots of money… In this example it’s a good idea to monitor… I used to be an CIO for a company that did that… All the problem employees were the first to point out they (the company) have no right to see what they do on their lunch break… But I pointed out to them (the employee) that the computers, network, email and Internet gateway they are using is not theirs and if fact is the company’s property that they are allowed to use for the company’s business only and not their own.

I’m sure there will always be pros and cons out there for government body’s spying on us… Just out of question… Who put them in power?!? And if you don’t agree with them… Get them out of power! It is not the power of the people? Some would question that…. I thought the government was put there to help and protect the people with all the resources available to them… Haha… Ya I know… Show me a non corrupt government body today??? What do they say… Absolute power eventually absolutely corrupts???

What about the watchers??? Who is watching them??? When you have a police force out there enforcing the rules of the land, they have people watching them making sure they don’t get out of line… And in some cases you have watchers watching the watchers… Since they already have it in place then I think they should have it setup correctly… As in people watching the watchers… And not to have someone get the job based on knowing someone but by qualifications and also a limited time… Say every four years replace with someone else…this way corruption has less chances of happening…

Government spying on us… Who knew? Is is right??? You Decide!!!

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