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iOS 5 upgrade

Before you upgrade your iOS device to ions 5, I suggest you do a full backup (no matter how long it takes) and get all your login info (email, web logins, ect…)

The one thing I noticed on all the research I did before upgrading was the statement: “I lost all my stuff!” And “I wish I backed up before starting this….”

Hmmmm… Just wat you want to have happen to you eh?  Like so many people out there, I don’t know when I did my last backup….  Most sure is was before I installed the most important info I’ll need the next day….  So backup I did… Lucky for me it was a fresh iPad 2 with not much on it… I dread the iPad 1…

So after upgrading iTunes to the latest version (2 hrs later) I. Downloaded the iOS 5 upgrade after the upgrade instructions… Hmmmm not to log to get…. Then the backup started…. 1 hrs later…. Hmmmm a little fast….

The upgrade took 2 hrs give and take 15 mins…  Serval iPad 2 reboots later (this is normal) it said it was ready and the name of the iPad was different in the iTunes dashboard.  On the iPad screen it looked like a new pad with default apps and not my background screen… But it said click here to set up…  If you know your apple ID and you don’t want to change it… Use it… Otherwise the upgrade wants you to use a new Apple ID and all your prepaid apps cannot be used (unless you accept it under your apple account….).  Apple says you can have more than one Apple ID, but remember only one credit card can be assigned to only one Apple ID.  After setting the correct Apple I’d on the iPad and reinstalled all my daily apps… Things were going ok… Until I noted that all the digital mags needed to be re-downloaded….(my Internet provider must love me now…)

I’ve tried all the new features except iCloud backup… You only get 5 gigs before you pay for more space… Trust me 5 gigs sounds like a lot until you add HD Video with multiple backups…. It adds up fast!

Cloud sync seems ok… Too bad Siri is not part of the iOS 5 upgrade…

So far everything is ok and working… Soon to upgrade the 3GS and iPad 1… Then try the iCloud sync feature out…. Of course it will work with only one device… But with 2+ devices… We will see…

Also iCloud on the PC, need to have Win 7, not XP…. Too bad….

Soon to come…. iOS 5 and older devices…. I hope….


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