iOS 6 Features?

iOS 6 Features

Facebook Integration? Great… Just what we need…. Twitter integration in iOS 5 to my understanding was a great idea. Remember the twitter interface only allows so many characters per tweet… Facebook however with the right interface allows too many bits of information to pass. You are not only talking small amounts of characters but multimedia (flash, video, audio, ect.). I guess on a wifi network that’s not a big deal. However on 3G-4G-LTE it eats up a lot of bandwidth…. Just think how much your carriers will love you then? (i can here it now… over data minutes…. Charge, charge, charge)… With all of the apps for Facebook out there now with more in the way, do we really need iOS integration?

NFC? Great idea as long as you keep your phone locked with the feature disabled until needed. But after the Keynote Speech on June 11, 2012…. It doesn’t look like it will be there…..

Siri? Common Apple… Open it out to all iOS devices…. The people who hacked / jail broken their iOS devices can use it… It works… So why lock it out? It only promotes more people to jail break their iOS devices….

Face Time? Over 3G is the way it should be. We email, web surf, VoIP, FTP… And more… All over wifi and 3G/4G… It was only expected…. And wanted….

New Maps? Don’t know about this one…. Maybe it’s a good idea? Maybe not…. The idea of having a map based function in a phone and or tablet is to aid the user to locate or find a way to or from a current location. Fly over maps may be too much… Turn by turn directions are always good to have… I personally have 2 loaded GPS devices I use on a constantly. Moving it a phone/tablet with all the trimmings I think will be useful… I know I have been in a place too many times with no GPS and wish I had one, not just a map….

Other Features? Will look into them after upgrading and trying out to get a better feel…. I hate guessing… I like facts….

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