iOS 7 Review? – Updated

Well… After 10 hours of backing up my conservative settings iPad (64 gig)…
I thought I would upgrade my iPad today (sept 18, 2013)… You know the iOS 7 upgrade release that apple said would be available….

Well it seems if you live in the USA only!!! If you are outside of the country (USA) on business or whatever… You have to wait like everyone else… What a f@cking waste of time… I thought since I’m sitting here in an hotel room with a Very Fast internet connection I would take advantage of their network and update my iPad…. I even rearranged my meetings today for it as well…. Arrrgh…

Well so much for good planning…. I guess I’ll just bugger off to the local area for a Few Liveations and see what’s going on…

Update: what a joke…. It seems I was not alone… Even the locals thought they would get the update… All I can here in the background is “F@cking Apple, why can’t we get the F@cking update today”….. Hmmmm my thoughts exactly!!!!

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