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Apple iPad

First off… Do you need one????  It’s a Question everyone asks themselves before they empty their wallets…  As the saying goes “If you have to ask, you don’t need one!”

Remember it’s not a computer replacement.  As you watch the keynote speech from apple regarding the intro to the iPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs even says it is for a New Class… Not a Computer or a Cell Phone but a new category to take improvement of… It does a lot of tasks that both other categories do… Such as Email, Web Surfing, Secured Bank Access and a few other items in the social venue…  The two most pros to point out is the Quick Power On and the Automation one can add to it with a growing amount of free and paid apps (applications).

Call Phones are also quick but are too small to do any long term viewing with…  Computers are more powerful and can add an assortment of more software to it, but from a power-on condition it takes way too log to startup to say just check email. A con (I think) is the response time it takes to enter a bit of text with the on-screen keyboard.  The response time is lacking… You can add a Bluetooth keyboard and get a quicker response time… The Idea is not to carry too much (A keyboard is another item to lug around).  I wouldn’t use it for taking down notes in a live interview… I would use recordable media (Like a mp3 Recorder) and use a computer to digitize the voice into text…

The Price is questionable also… some will say it could be cheaper, more affordable…  Remember what is inside the iPad.  And you are also paying for the R&D as well…. I bought one… for a lot of reasons… Every person is different however… I recommend before you buy one… go over everything you would use it for and then see if a computer and / or cell phone is just as fast / good / easy / ect… this is of course to justify the cost of the iPad… And anything below 64 gigs (Build in Storage) is too small… trust me.

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