Irrigation – BAS – Case Study


  • Environment: School Campus
  • Customer wants to replace control logic on water sprinklers with total on-fly schedules and controls.
  • Cannot disturb existing fields to add communication wires.
  • May install external antenna on site of main building.

On-Site Inspection

  • Of all 8x water zones only 2x are controlled from within the main building.
  • The man building already has an expanded BAS with a custom programming and graphic interface.
  • The remaining 6x external control points all have no existing communication between them or the main building.
  • Wireless communication is possible providing repeater zones can be established.
  • Verifying 4 repeater zones are needed around the campus, all 8x zones can now be controlled.
  • Main antenna cannot be installed from original placement due to too much grounded metal in surrounding structure.


  • Found new place to install main antenna from main building and bridged to existing BAS.
  • Using signal strength to maximize signal quality, repeater zones were established across the campus with redundancy and fall back.
  • All existing logic in sprinkler zones were replaced and updated with wireless communication.
  • Programmed with customers explications to handle updated graphics with multiple zone schedules with pr-programmed setups and overrides.
  • All logic can be setup by customer on the fly and left unattended.
  • Rain sensors were installed after to stop over watering the grass.


  • Customer now has all 8x sprinkler heads that can be fully controlled by them.
  • No fields were torn up and the wireless communication is 95% signal at the worst point.
  • All communication is setup as a packet transmission with fallback and error checking at hardware level running at a very vast speed, Quicker then the wired controllers.
  • The system is expandable when the customer needs it.
  • And as a backup all controllers have overrides (HOA) by controllers.
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