Lighting – BAS – Case Study


  • Retail Environment with multiple floors.
  • Customer has multiple zones for Lighting that are currently controlled by BAS.
  • Currently customer has too many schedules to cope with and has to edit every lighting point individually costing too many hrs spent when an event happens.
  • Currently has no control to daylight savings or earth day with also no control to seasonal changes with the length of days in the year.

On-Site Inspection

  • All lighting BAS points are currently working.
  • Verified all schedules Customer needs and wanted.
  • BAS graphics system can be setup as a Custom Interface.
  • BAS has 2x Photocells installed and working with no programming installed. One for outside and one for inside.


  • First setup a customer interface to handle both photocells with custom programming the backup the interface.
  • Installed custom interface to address all lighting points on one screen to accommodate all of current schedules as well as more needed schedules.
  • Undated interface handles all schedules to be set on the fly with all points able to assign to any schedule as well on the fly.
  • Also new interface handles (on the fly again) what points utilizes either or both photocells.


  • Customer now has dedicated schedules based on season as well as custom schedules based on hours and needs.
  • Now can make changes to all points as needed taking the most time up to a 1/2 hour per week instead of multiple hours per day.
  • All internal and external points can now be quickly addressed when needed as well as managed.
  • Resets are now installed with days on the week / month / year and special events are easy to install for a instance or a regularly placement conditions.
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