Load Shead – HVAC – Case Study


  • Factory / Manufacturing Environment.
  • 63x Air Condition Units with 2 Stage Gas Heating and 2 Stage DX Cooling.
  • Customer wants to cut energy use by 10% annually and thinks the AC Units are wasting too much cooling energy.

On-Site Inspection

  • Customer is wasting Energy in both Heating and Cooling seasons.
  • Customer has a Building Automation system (BAS) installed that can be custom programmed.
  • Customer has a High Speed Internet connection connected to the BAS.


  • Two stages implemented:
    • (1) First setup a system / program to read the current State / Provincial Energy Price and set up based on Customer Driven Setpoints a level system to work with the next stage.
    • (2) For every unit needed, work with the system level from Stage 1 and cut back the device (AC Unit) stages based on customer’s live input per stage.


  • First Year: Customer saved 40% energy while maintaining the Setpoint Temperatures given by the Customer
  • Second Year: Customer saved additionally 8 to 11% per zone on AC Units alone.
  • Remaining Years: Customer reported 9% average on energy savings per year as they adjusted the setpoints for each zone.


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