Mobile Flash Not Supported – What a Surprise

Well, what a surprise…. Adobe is not going to support flash in android systems as well as other Mobile systems…. All I can say about this decision was: “I saw that coming”….

Now despite all the Apple reviews on this site… I am not an Apple Booster… I review what I now of or of what I have on my person… What I am also is a Professional Programmer (in a lot of low-level and high-level systems)…. And yes I programmed in Flash when I needed to in the past (only thing around at the time)…. I have been around programming Flash and Director from the beginning days (with Macromedia) and have seen the changes through the years….

The one common problem I see with the flash environment is resource hogging… In any environment (web, cd, pc, phone, tablet, ect…)…. It was a great idea in its time to have a common programming environment not depended on OS or CPU and display with interactive elements to the user to get the job done… Perfect for kiosk’s and stand alone systems…. The web was a new factor… But with a few updates one could make graphic systems online connected to very nice databases…. But at a cost… The more complex the system, the more resources one needed to make it work correctly… One could skim a few frames here and there to save resources… But file sizes and bandwidth with high CPU cycles came at a cost…. Good example is try to play Farmville on a Netbook computer with only one megabyte of ram… You could have the fastest net connection possible but the slowest game play around…

Now with the new concept of Mobile devices… CPU, Memory, Storage and Internet Bandwidth are all costly to start with… Ya I know every 6 months the newer devices improve… But why should we (the consumer) have to pay for it? Every 6 months? The new web standard of HTML uses these current concepts with fewer resources needed… No need to upgrade our hardware…. And before you ask… No I am not an HTML 5 booster…. It is a step in the right direction though…. Flash was good at the time… The times over… I believe Adobe purchase of it was a very bad idea….

I say Death to Mobile Flash… Rest in peace… And don’t come back….

What to you think?

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