More Window Operating Systems (When will it End?!?)

Win 9 Demo

They just pulled the support from Windows XP and are now browbeating a brand new operating system: Windows 9. Wow is all I can say (shaking my head). Myself being a programmer (I’m told a pretty good one) thinks this is just to keep up with the neighbours. They (Microsoft) had a very secure operating (over time, and a lot of software patching) and they dropped all support to it, just like Windows NT (another amazing operating that most multi-user operating systems are based onto). Right on the heels they bring out another needing to be tested operating system (calling it the most secured OS, like all other versions before it) and think all the customers will drop down and say “please sir can I have another?”

When XP came out on the heels of Windows ME which came after Windows 2000, Win ME was a failure and Win 2k was the first attempt of using 64 bit programming (and failed) so Win XP became the new standard that set forth a lot of new levels to be met. When Win XP first came out it wasn’t the most secure, but after a lot of time and programming it soon became the most secured. This was because of all the unsecured programming that went into developing the OS, due to time limits on developing the OS is soon became the standard of using less than secure code to make those deadlines. After making the code work and sold through the CD/Download system the fixes were made and then updated online to all versions. It soon became a joke that every seconded Tuesday in the month there was at least one (most likely many more) update(s) ready to download, it makes one think who was developing the Windows Platform and were they qualified???

When Windows Vista came out in trying to replace Win XP it soon became a failure due to programming problems with existing hardware and software. The easier adoption of Lynx OS also made people drop Win Vista and strengthen Win XP. Win XP also became a special bond with the corporate world (over Win 2000), you could now use the better applications more securely and use the faster bigger hardware now available to corporations at large. Win 7 was the first attempt for Microsoft to allow existing software and backward compatibility with new changes but with a very small learning curve, but still governed to desktops only.

It took the new Win 8 to finally adapt to mobile devices that worked, the only problem was to run it on a desktop you had to use a lot more mouse movements than necessary on a OS. The problem with Win 8 is it is a Touch Based OS only, great for hand-held devices but crap for stationary desktop PCs. Win 9 might be a form on both?!? I just think dropping a very secured and heavy used platform like Win XP is a form of cutting off your left arm, there are too many other options out there that cost much less then a brand new Microsoft OS (and they are supported longer than existing MS OS’s). I for one will still use Win XP for a long time to come… I also use Win 7 (not by choice) on a new computer and Win 8 (also not by choice) on a Windows Surface…. I still think Win XP is better designed (this coming from someone who was around the days pre MS using CPM/DOS).

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