Net Neutrality Petition – Strike one for the People!


Well it seems the people do have a voice. A petition with a million signatures so far speaks volumes. The same petition that wants Net Neutrality to the people. The government currently responding to the FCC and Courts could be more tech minded but the one thing they listen to the most is the people’s voice (especially during an election year). Money talks but votes count more. Ref

We all hope the government listens to the people on this topic. Remember when the cooperation ran the work environment, the unions became the 3rd party to represent the workers because the government wouldn’t listen. Do we want to see something similar to Internet as well??? Right now the Internet is a privilege to the home user and some people are already speaking about making it a civil right to have the Internet. If this happens and the cooperation are saying they can charge their customers whatever they want then I foresee a union like organization acting as a 3rd party with dues and political power speaking for the people.

This might sound like a great idea and in company workforce related environments it is really needed, but in the digital Internet age we do not want slow downs on technology advancement due to litigation. What we can do is tell the government to have a set fee for the Internet use with NO Hold Backs or Speed / Bandwidth Capping. What the cooperation could do is have extras for content usage on their own networks above and beyond the Internet providing while not charging extras for external usage. This will cause competition and soon to lower prices like it should be, not price gouging on the little guy who has no choice but to pay just to use an external service like PayPal or Netflix.

I’m just glad that people are not bending over and taking it like the Internet providers hope they would. By sending the message to the governments that the people who keep them in there are not happy with the lack of Net Neutrality just might make a difference and bring back Net Neutrality back where it is needed.

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