Net Neutrality?!? What the?!?

Net Neutrality?!? What the?!? Are you one of the millions out there that keep hearing about it but still not know anything about it???

Well guess what, you are Not Alone!!! Luckily there are some people that are out there that can explain it. Sometimes you need what we call a beanie cap on (a smart cap) to understand those people… Sometimes they explain it for the millions out there to understand… And before you ask… No I’m not someone who uses a cap on the head… It’s just a term out there in Internet land…

In a nutshell net neutrality is a describing way the global Internet want the ISP’s (Internet service provider) to keep the net not biased based on their own services and / or policies…

A great example would be an ISP to charge tier value packages. Say the standard package costs only x amount per month and you get x bandwidth per month (amount of data you can use). If you go over that limit you are on the next tier amount per month… Meaning for the month you pay x + y. The ISPs say if you need it just upgrade your service to handle the increased bandwidth… What happened to unlimited??!

Because of Internet growth within the last say 10+ years… The ISPs put together a network of whatever media they use to satisfy the current user base and what they predicted within 20 years.
The problem is they predicted wrong! And the current network by the ISP couldn’t handle the bandwidth of the username of today. Now don’t get me wrong… Some ISPs saw this coming and reinvested back into the network to handle the increase of the new user base.

Back to the problem… There is another issue… If the ISP hade a service (say video rental) and the user wanted to use an outside service (maybe Netflix)… The issue is the ISP would purposely slow down the users experience on to give up to use the ISP’s service…. Is that fair??? I thought you paid for Bandwidth, Not speed depending on what service you use??? Show me that in the fine print!

Well now you have people out there screaming for net neutrality!!! And the politicians are turning a blind eye… Always toward the people with the cash!!! Hmmm who would that be???

Last time I looked the government of the area in question has the say on what the ISPs can do… Who voted them in??? Your voice should determine what is said!!!

I know, the ISPs are screaming they don’t make much profit on the network… Ya right… Show me your books!!! And we’ll see!!! Just reinvest into the network and all should be good!!!

If you do a search out there you will find articles, chats, ideas, questionable content, people with no idea, people for and people against… Hey it’s the Internet!

What do I think?!? I think the ISPs should take pride and get the best network they can… That will bring customers and not loose them! As far as tier pricing… Bring back the unlimited speed and bandwidth for a set fee per month… Stop trying to make the Internet another cable tv concept with bundling whatever (you know pay x for for basic… If you want y service then pay extra and also get z service you never wanted in the first place)…

I just came across a very funny video showing I think the best view on Net Neutrality…. Click “” to view it… I believe it is also on YouTube… But I don’t know the link…

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