Network Setup – IT – Case Study


  • Environment: Small Company
  • Customer wants to setup a small network in a newly acquired basement of a building.
  • Building is an old Bomb Storage building with very thick cement walls around the parameter.
  • Internal walls are currently being constructed.

On-Site Inspection

  • Customer wants an Internet appearance with a few workstations.
  • Everyone of the sales team needs to be connected.
  • Wireless communications is useless due to poor environment of area with a lot of cross talk in the radio fields and grounded walls everywhere.
  • Customer also wants a computer rendering area with power to setup their customers needs.
  • Also a printing station close by for all their digital printing needs.
  • Reception with a database structure also needs to be setup.
  • Also suggested a central storage system for their digital needs.
  • Customer informed the phone extensions also needed to be setup and installed.
  • Phone provider will install a T1 into the company for phone and Internet communication with a PBx system for phones.


  • After a brief look at the internal plans of the building setup, placement of all the major it areas were made and connections were setup.
  • While the internal walls were being setup the phone lines and intranet lines were run.
  • Wire runs were terminated and tested from the server room to all extensions.
  • Main server was setup with email and web hosting.
  • Domains were created and pointed to the correct placement on the web.
  • Firewalls were setup and configured to allow the needed communications.
  • After the computers were purchased every computer was connected and setup to the network.
  • All emails and internal phones were then setup.
  • Internal storage was setup with all file sharing needed.


  • All keys to the system was handed over to the customer with a service contract to maintain any necessary issues with teaching the staff on how to use the system.
  • Customer hosted their own emails and web page.
  • Customer was trained to maintain their own phone system as programming extensions with personal features.
  • Added wire lines were added and changed as per customers request as the company changed.
  • System was easy to maintain and alter as per customer’s request.
  • System was also setup to be remotely controlled (securely) when needed at a moments noticed.
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