New Projects for 2020

Yup its that time of year again…. Just like the False Promises we tell each and everyone that were gonna exercise more or loose weight in the new year…. yada yada yada….

But unlike those promises these New Projects will become reality and be able to take advantage of the new Devices / Software resulted by the Project(s).

Kodi Buffering

If anyone ever used Video to stream, then they Know all about Buffering and the Hardships with them. KODI is no different in this respect, so I have developed a streaming fix to help KODI when streaming from any source and will be applying it to my many boxes (Primary, Secondary, Brand New Box currently being installed and an external box setup for various areas).

NAS Redundant Raid-5 System

We’ve all been there, loads of data that wasn’t backed up only to loose some (if not all) when the hard drive fails.  It all ways happens when we need the data in the most crucial way, and then discover we had no backup.  I have designed a New concept of Redundant Raid-5 NAS (Not Raid-6) to handle all Data Lose with only an indication that a drive needs replacing so not to worry.  This new system will be so reliable we here at BLCOMP Inc. will be able to send all live data to it without cause or headaches.  It will host all Web Data, Camera Data, Cloud Data, Emails, Major Files, Virtual Files, Backup Files and all project files.  It will be able to isolate all areas needed so no cross data leakage and be secure to any hacking.  The Goal is to have a 32 Terra Byte (32 Tb) NAS Raid-5 Redundant that can be also backed up in needed.

Multicast Digital Signage

Have Data is one thing, Displaying Data is another.  This day and age we have so much data to trifle through it is mind numbing.  We here at BLCOMP Inc. need to have Organized data at a constant level to be displayed where it is needed the most and at the correct device it is intended for.  For that and many more reasons I have designed a Digital Signage to be able to display what and when on multiple displays throughout the company in real time (Live Cameras, Weather, Security, Maybe a Local TV Station).

Virtual Reality Modeling and Displaying

Like so many people out there I caught the VR bug and can’t get enough of it, so much that I will use my abilities in 3D rendering to produce realistic 3D environments and Transferring them into Graphics Engines like Unreal to Test them out in 3D VR Hardware.

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