New York to London in under 30 Minutes?

img_0932So the Claim Goes….
Wow… If it could only be….

img_0934The first attempt at commercial supersonic Trans-Atlantic air travel was the Concorde which traveled as fast as Mach-2 (approx 2,179 km or 1,354 miles per hour). Even with its fast speed it still took 3 hrs to reach London from New York, and those jets were supersonic.

Now if you check the web there are some saying it is possible to use scram jets to put the time under 1/2 hour…. Wow… But when you look for the details of this claim all you find is reference of technology that NASA or the military use. I personally would love to see such air travel be possibly available to the masses, but all I see are claims….

If you look for it you can find details of the technology referenced (ram/scram jets) and then find out how impossible the claims are… What this article is saying is don’t make an unbelievable claim with no details to back it up, last time I know that was called fantasy / fiction.

The reason I am making is supersonic jets (ram/scram) behave on a premiss that air is rammed into the inlet / compression chamber at high pressure, and since there are no moving parts (like a jet engine of today) you have to be going almost supersonic speed for this to work. The claim says from New York to London in 30 min, I’ll assume from runway to runway and I know you cannot take off from a runway at supersonic speeds….

The compression, combustion, and expansion regions of: (a) turbojet, (b) ramjet, and (c) scramjet engines.

The compression, combustion, and expansion regions of: (a) turbojet, (b) ramjet, and (c) scramjet engines.

Going to the practical-ness of it, the scram jet when fired at the correct speed can reach up to Mach-5 (6125 km or 3806 miles per hour), so doing the math one could reach the claims distance in the claim time as long as you don’t include the acceleration from runway or the deceleration to runway times.

There is another factor the claim doesn’t include, which is the type of material the air frame uses. Currently known materials that can be used for commercial air travel do not include types that can withstand anything past Mach-2. Yes I know NASA and certain military factions use materials that could be used for Mach-5 travel, but the cost factor is Very Expensive and if used I see another concord too expensive to make use of. Remember the concord program never made any profit in the end, the costs involved outweighed any profit they might have gained.

There is hope out there though… And that is the combining of technologies of the turbo prop and the scram jet (The Turbo Ram Jet). It works like a normal turbo jet at low speeds for takeoff and landings while allowing the jet to reach supersonic pre-speeds in order to switch to ram jet mode. It has a lot of moving parts, but in the high speeds all the moving parts are switched off. This might work if the air frame would withstand the high-speed connections. Also with the normal jet like mode the plane would be able to take off / land at any airport used today, unlike the concord that needed long runways for takeoff speeds and landings.

Personally I would like to see claims that have Merit and not wishful fantasy in today’s saga. With stronger airframes and the use of turbo-ram jets I could see New York to London (Runway to Runway) take 1 – 1 1/2 Horus. Just think… Wake up in New York at 7:00 am EST and schedule a meeting for 2 pm UTC, travel to London and have your meeting by being back in New York for 2 pm EST (the same day).

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