No Spoofing Authorized Anymore

We did it, we moved to the now (Security Wise), well what I mean is we finally moved over to https (encrypted communication over standard web communications: http). Since I can remember of putting our site up (so many years ago) I always wanted a secure way of displaying our information, regretting the cost it would take to convert the whole domain over to https.

There was always the idea of self signing the security certificates (certs) and hope for the best that people visiting the site would trust it enough to accept a self signed cert and not expecting a man in the middle attack, the whole reason for having https communications.

This day and age we now have the ability to not only add CA signed certs (trusting all over the web) but able to renew at no extra costs, this will now add the feature of encrypting all internet communications to all our guests on a one to one basics on a trusted level without the overhang of costing hundreds of cash at our expense. We thank the usage of Let’s Encrypt and all the services it offers.

Moving forward (into the now of security finally) we know have the ability of true encryption (and trusted) WWW / Email / FTP / VPN / Cloud Storage / and many more services at BLCOMP Inc.


Thank You.

The Ownership of BLCOMP Inc.

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