Old PC’s, Microsoft’s Political Agenda and what the Average User can do about it.

imageA while back I remember someone from Microsoft said “Windows XP is the most Secure Operating System Ever Made and you will never need another one after it”. For a while it was true until win7, win8 and now Windows 10… When will it ever end?!? It’s always good to keep up to date when software fixes and upgrades when apparent, the only problem is when you change to an untested operating system (OS) you just add new problems to the mix. The smart thing would be keep your tested and true OS (win XP) updated to the latest hardware and keep security a priority, but no Microsoft has to retire XP and force computer users to use the newer OS’s (or not be supported).

Why we say “Microsoft’s Political Agenda” is the fact they force the users to upgrade to the latest OS (win 10) without their consent (it still is the users owned hardware – not Microsoft’s) and run the risk that their computers can run the new OS, if not then the user must spend more money to use their computers (talk about agenda). Yes I know Microsoft didn’t charge anybody for it and they said it could run on many systems (newer only) but the way they did the upgrade was wrong, it should be up to the user to want to upgrade and not the manufacturer of the OS. I know of many users that woke up one day to see the new OS (they didn’t want) only to find their computers didn’t work correctly anymore. The information from Microsoft was it was the right move to support the users, the fact was a lot of users data didn’t survive the upgrade (some support).

imageWell if a user has to start over from scratch and install new software (some paid, like office) or keep their old OS and not be supported then I think it’s time for a change. Let’s pick an OS that will be supported for more than 4-5 years (that won’t go retired and unsupported) and make sure the standard user can use it with software that won’t break the bank and still be compatible with everyone out there using a computer. I’m speaking of Linux OS (it’s come a long way from the rocket scientist user to the average user able to use it) and it comes with a great price tag: FREE! All the main support software (like office) is free and is fully compatible with today’s current software as well as less likely to be trapped be viruses of today. You have web browsers, email clients, office support, graphics, audio and everything science related. One thing Linux OS has over Windows is it run on older hardware with no problems (also supported newer hardware) and is supported until years from now.

imageI personally built a workhorse computer around the XP OS based on what Microsoft promised (no more OS’s needed) only to now have a very powerful boat anchor (and expensive) that is not supported with the new OS drivers. After doing a few support driver tests I am very confident my boat anchor will be powered and supported with the Linux OS without more money being invested into it. The only problem now is which distro to choose from (unlike Windows there are many flavors based on the current kernels – the main supported backbone software). Some distros are better supported (to the user) than others and some distros have better (and easier) interfaces to the user. Choosing a Linux Distribution is all about research and asking questions, unlike Windows there are different distributions out there with different looks and feels. Right now I am looking into Linux Mint (supported until 2021) or Debian Pixel (used on the Raspberry Pi) that just came out.

imageUnlike Windows OS it is easy to test your hardware without re-vamping your computer. It’s called a live cd (or in newer cases a live USB), the concept is boot from the live media and get a working version of the OS not erasing your current configuration or data. By doing it this way you can test your hardware without the risk of corruption and in some cases retrieving your important data. Like I said before Linux has come a long way from the old cpm line commands in a old dos like environment over to a very impressive graphics environment to challenge Windows. Microsoft still says Linux is too weak to use, if that is the case then why did apple’s new OS-X invoked itself to be Linux based???

In rapping up I believe companies like Microsoft should be accountable for such tactics that force all their users (who paid for their products) to pay more and more and more (in one form or another), in the attitude of take it or leave it. We should send Microsoft a message in not using their OS until they are willing to support their products (like all the other companies out there). I for one am not a Microsoft booster anymore (not sorry at all).

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