On the Internet, Flash is Dead and HTML5 Is Supreme!!!


For the Internet Flash is Dead!!! Yaaah… Long live HTML 5!!!!

Interesting statement… I hear it all over the web these days… I am also a programmer… And in the days of the IBM 80286 AT (286) or the 80386 AT (386) before the 486 and the Pentium CPU the only way (except for recompiling your interfaces) to get graphics on the web was to use flash. Back then it wasn’t a memory hog like it is today, but it also didn’t have all the features it has today. It was designed as a front-end interface you (the operator) could deal with say on a key-os computer display that would run from a CDROM drive.

It was never Originally intended to run on the Internet….it was easy to program thus it was altered to run on the Internet for much improved displays working with up-to-date databases that could work in Real-time to the web visitor. As with all technology’s developed on the fly to evolve to the Internets requirements flash suffered with many security and memory problems. It still has many issues today, but it’s ease of use and ease of programming out ways the problems at hand.

Something needed to be redesigned with ease of use, memory requirements, CPU usage, security and most important functionality. That something is HTML 5. It replaces everything that flash can do with the security in mind, it can also execute on any platform that flash cannot like mobile devices. It doesn’t crash like flash did and uses available resources more efficiently. It also adds a lot more functions to the users that flash could never attempt like the ability of running on phones, tablets, any os, any browser, no DRM, just to name a few… It said that not everyone has a computer in their house (I think the ratio is now 1 computer to every 3 homes), but almost everyone has a smart phone / tablet in their house (the avg ratio is 1.2 smart devices per house). More smart devices and no flash support??? True you can run flash on a desktop pc today (only for the much more powerful CPU and more memory), but when you surf the Internet today when is the time you do it??? And where??? Most of the time it’s away from that desktop on the go… Using of all things a smart mobile device…and still no flash support… HTML 5 works with no problem…

I find it interesting that such video store houses (like YouTube) have starting to switch all there flash content over to HTML 5… They now something… They don’t want to get left by the competition… HTML 5 is lighter and faster and more stable than flash, and with the Internet today the quicker and more stable you are the more visitors you will get… Thus more revenues, and they say money is the final decision…

All I can say is flash was a great environment and joy to program in (say 20 years ago), but say hello to HTML 5 with all the trimmings…. And most important… If you were to look for a job doing front-end graphical development today on the web… I wouldn’t recommend flash to anybody except if they could convert flash to HTML 5….

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