OS 7.1 Upgrade – So What?


Well it another upgrade so fast after the last upgrade… Hmmmm… Looks suspicious I think… There were many UI changes (some good, some not sure what to make of). Most likely the fastest change was the lack of Jailbroken support, apple once again in the mad rush to stop Jailbroken hacks to their devices. Note: if you don’t want to lose your current Jailbroken device, do not upgrade to 7.1 until there is support.

After checking some sites on the Internet about the new changes I noticed a pattern a lot of upgrade’s will not like. Depending on your iOS device, unless you have the iPhone 5 (not the 5c or the 5s) with the new upgrade your battery will drain faster. For some reason the iPhone 5 has better battery support.

I have a few (un-Jailbroken) iOS devices and upgraded all the supported devices (not all iOS devices are supported in 7.x). Here is a list of changes that were noticed:

  • Welcomed Changes:
    • All iOS apps now open faster giving us the iOS experience (according to apple)
      in the phone app when dialing a number there is now an icon to quickly add to contacts.
    • in Calendar App a new list tab offered in top area.
    • In the Settings App passcode now in main area not under general.
    • In the Settings App under wallpapers are now able to turn off zoom feature.
    • Siri now has new voices added on.


  • Not sure what to make of:
    • keyboard icons changed for shift, backspace and microphone keys.
    • in the phone app the call and hangup buttons are now small round icons.
    • animation in control center now has a bounce where it did not before.
    • safari now has an updated UI as well as the address bar now searches.
    • in Notification App empty notifications are now said to be empty.
    • In the Settings App under accessibility section, better contrast control.
    • In the Settings App under accessibility section, button shapes changes clickable button areas in all apps.
    • In the Settings App under Restrictions added Car Play.
    • In Power Down mode the functions are the same but now the display has new buttons.


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