Powdered Alcohol, The Rebuttal


Well it didn’t take much time for the Creator of “Palcohol” (Mark Phillips) to send his rebuttal on the web about his product and the cancellation of it by the government. in his video day-view he goes on to the concerns of the government and explains that how unreal each issue is. I repeat from my earlier article do we really need this in the stores???

Yes He covers all the issues of too big to smuggle into clubs (Ya Right, like the person smuggling the powered alcohol into the club will use the original packaging???) right up to there is too many other ingredients to Snort it to get high (Again does it matter to the poor slob who wants to snort anything???). He also addresses the fact that it uses less space and takes up less weight say on an airplane, this would be true but the profits maintained by using the power alcohol would transfer to the owners of the airline and not the users of the airline (Lets call it how it is). Maybe he should think of selling it to the companies like the airlines first instead of selling it to the public. This way the product can be used and not abused while in the controlled environment. Then after a while the proven need and non-abuse of the product could show the general population the benefits of it and maybe the need then to put it into stores.

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