Power Savings – BAS – Case Study


  • Environment: Retail with multiple floors and zones.
  • Customer thinks their system is wasting too much power (BAS system).
  • Customer complains the external lights are schedule with no control internally.
  • Customer thinks a new BAS could fix their problems.
  • Current BAS was too slow to be efficient.
  • Customer also wants to add control to various zones to monitor, trend and control.

On-Site Inspection

  • Hvac systems are stabilizing zone temps with 1-2’F.
  • Hvac Main systems are heating and cooling at the same time.
  • Found internal lighting systems connected with no logic installed or programmed.
  • Zones are not efficient for proper control of environment or power management.
  • Control interface was outdated with all renovations within the last 10 years.
  • Current programming in all devices were outdated and not efficient.
  • Found communication lines of BAS were not correctly terminated and came loose as well as some places not even connected.
  • Cooling plant programming was outdated and mixed in with logic and devices no longer on site.
  • Verified current BAS system can meet the needs of the customer and expand when needed, no need to replace the current BAS.


  • Fixed all logic to stop the heating and cooling during the same cycle while able to maintain the zone temperature set points.
  • Reconnected all internal lighting points with correct logic programmed into all devices to work with current hardware.
  • Re-zoned all internal areas and control points to make efficient with all the changes of renovations throughout the years.
  • Updated all the control interfaces for the Customer with upper management in mind.
  • Updated all logic through the building to handle the current and future needs of the system.
  • Re-Terminated all BAS communication lines to All devices – found more comm. line issues and corrected.
  • Updated Cooling Plant to reflect current onsite changes as well as updated all programming logic to the current standards of today.
  • Added another workstation to handle multiple user input while keeping efficiently on top.
  • Added more monitoring and control points to system as Customer wanted.


  • After 6 months the Customer agreed they are already saving 23% of energy.
  • Didn’t have to change out the current BAS thus saving the Customer a lot more money.
  • Was able to improve the air control inside the building while saving energy.
  • Lighting is now correctly scheduled (inside and outside) with correct zoning.
  • All programming is now up to today standards and bulletproof, leaving the Customer able to rely on the BAS.
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