Radio Shack, Bankruptcy and Marketing Data Loss

Now I remember when asked what is my phone number was (At the Last Radio Shack Store I Visited) why I responded you don’t need that.  In fact I remember one of the Sales Representatives was almost into an argument match with me due to the way they handle sales information and the correct procedure on what THEY NEED in order to process a single resister (that costs $0.69).  According to the Privacy Policy for Radio Shack, all information collected was for Radio Shack and Radio Shack Only.  No Data collected will ever leave the Offices of Radio Shack and will never be used for Marketing Calls.

Now at the time of this article I take you are aware that Radio Shack is Bankrupt and the whole company is being sold off piece by piece (including their Customer Collected Database) to the highest bidder.

Now if they collected my credit card / Personal Email Address / Home Address / Work Address and Cell / Home / Work Phone Numbers that information that was assured it wouldn’t be leaked is now in the possession of another company (or soon to be) as an asset to be sold off.  You have NO SAY if you personal information is allowed to be sent off because by giving it to Radio Shack you have already given your permission for this new (or soon to be named) company to do anything they wish to do with it.

When they were still around I asked the corporate offices of Radio Shack why they needed to collect this information if the customer didn’t want it?  The response I received was if the customer didn’t want to give up the information then they didn’t have to.  Maybe they should have told that employee (now out of work) that bit of policy.  Notice they still didn’t answer the question I was asking…RS_Bank

Pretty much every organization (including for non-profits, universities, and corporations) has customer data, and it’s among their most valuable assets.

Letting others use this information is like handing over your Smartphone to someone else.  If they’re borrowing it to make a call, you’re better off dialing the number for them and passing the handset along, or else they may paw through all your apps and contacts without your permission (and grab them for their own use).

The use of someone others customer data is similarly guarded though companies do rent out their lists all the time, though under strict terms and conditions.  This transfer of the customers data doesn’t happen all the time, it’s like bidding for someone’s wallet (that was recently lost) and the highest bidder going through it to get any useful marketing information.

All I can say right now is if you shopped at any Radio Shack Stores (in the last 20 years), don’t be surprised if someone calls you asking about anything you purchased in the past and / or any marketing surveys (from that list).

My personal policy on what information goes out at the time of purchase is to ask them the question of “Why do you need my Email / Phone# / Cell# / Address?”  Whatever answer they give back I will respond in “No you don’t need it, and I will not give it out or No Thank You I respect my privacy”.  If I wanted to give out any Personal Information about myself then I would have an account with that Company in Question and represent an account number, if they had access to it (on their own database) then they get the information they need or if they have no access to the database then they don’t need it.

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