Raspberry Pi Weather Station w/LCD Display – Project – Case Study


  • Environment: Personal / Commercial / Industrial
  • Customer wants to have up to date weather data for their area that can be logged / trended for later retrieval.
  • Optional Internal Temperature Reading for Trending Status.
  • Ability to control an external system on extreme setpoints.
  • Option to Predict Future Weather for several days.

On-Site Inspection

  • Customer has BAS (Building Automated System) not connected to Internet.
  • Various zones that are Thermal Sensitive with Humidity Influence.
  • Various Outside Air Temperature (OAT) sensors, some connected to the BAS.
  • Customer doesn’t want the BAS To communicate with the outside world (Security Issues and I.T. policy’s).
  • Suggested to Customer to also have the BAS to communicate with the extra hardware (via intranet and SQL data).
  • Customer also wants the screen results to be displayed in the CEO’s, CIO’s and the Production Managers Offices.


  • To keep costs down, 3x Raspberry Pis were acquired with LCD screens.
  • Fully secure Lynx OS were installed into the PI’s.
  • Web Scripts were installed to get area weather for the site.
  • Custom software was written in Python for each Pi.
  • Through the I.T.’s networking gateways, one Pi was able to acquire the weather data for the area and store it onto an internal SQL data server for all 3 Pi’s.
  • Another custom script was written for the BAS to get access to the SQL weather data.
  • The SQL data server handled all the trending for the weather data.


  • 3x locations in the company now have up to date weather data for the area.
  • Each screen can display warnings based on user-configured set-points.
  • Multi-Color Screens act based on set-points.
  • Data is Trended for Retrieval on the SQL Data Server (Customer Supplied).
  • BAS has connection to weather data without sacrificing security policy’s.
  • Using the BAS weather prediction can be achievable, but not under this scope.
  • By using the Raspberry Pis energy usage is minimal (less than a standard computer) with all the power of a dedicated system and can be replaced with minimal costs.
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