Remember to Backup

We all here it… Backup, Backup, Backup… Ya, ya, ya… When I just finish this code…

Yes, we All say we will do it… But then when we need it we realize we didn’t back up our project.

Just think… You have just spent 3 straight days and 400+ lines of code and the power goes out…

Well I for one will say it again… I’ve learned my lesson for the um’th time… And thank whatever god out there I had a backup pending when I needed it. It saved me I figured 9+ hrs of re-coding and re-compiling.

I just thought it would be good to say it again…. Backup, Backup, Backup….

Believe me… You will thank me later after your web site, amazing app, master password lists and any other needed item you rely on crashes and needs to be re-coded…

Remember Hard Drives fail… Memory Cards Corrupt… CD’s scratch… And be it Disks (ya I know old school) stop reading after a while…

So last time: Backup, Backup, Backup

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