Skip The Dishes Lies on your Order

It seems Skip the Dishes Screws up your Meal Order and Lies about it not being their Fault… Too Many Times they have screwed up my order and kept saying their so sorry and it will not happen again, they also said they would compensate me for their job screw ups… they didn’t compensate my account… ALL LIES!!!!!

Well this time takes the cake… Their rep (the courier) delivers the meal (within 30 min) to someone else and marked the order delivered with questions in how was your meal (through the app). When I talked/chatted with support they had the nerve to say it’s still on its way and it will take another 30 min to arrive… Like come on I am not an idiot (like they think I am)… I expect a FULL REFUND as well as a Credit on my account for my troubles dealing with them…..and their Very Poor Service!!!!

One Hour and 45 Minutes for a Second Delivery Is not worth any payment on my behalf!!!!!

Their Second Attempt said they would be only 30 Min but in reality it took another hour!!!! And they want full payment?? That type of employee issues we fire (Lying to the Customer!!!!!)

Final Result… Ordered at 6:02pm and received meal at 7:45 pm… They Claimed (At Support) that it was because of wait times… In Reality they delivered the meal at 6:30 pm to someone else and tried to cover up from it… Normally it would be my word against theirs… but the seconded driver (their driver) confirmed they delivered my meal to someone else and Lied to me about it!!!!

Also they compensated my account by $5.00… In My Book this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! I expect a FULL REFUND!!!…Yes the food came but 1 hour and 45 minutes later with cold food and nothing but lies!!!!!

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